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Just finished this, am sad now.
What do you do when you get the post finale blues /a/?
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Remind myself that the show was shit. Tomori best girl though.
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Never reply to me again, crossboarding shitposter.

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Nostalgia is a good or bad thing, /a/?
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Kissmanga's better.
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OM started his peak in 2006/2007. It's already 10 years

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Elfen Lied is better than 90% of the popular garbage that has come out in the past 5 years
Prove my statement to be incorrect
You are incapable of doing so
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But the anime adaptation was pretty bad compared to the manga
>le so dark deep and mature ecks dee

The manga is even worse. Literally shameless loli fetish bait with extra DARKNESS

what will anime look like in 20 years?
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Like me.
real hopefully

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So how do you even beat this guy? He seems to be the strongest and unrivaled with a competent master. Gilfags have nothing on Lancelot
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>Gilfags have nothing on Lancelot
Yeah it would pretty embarrassing if a legendary warrior powered by the fame of his tale couldn't defeat some internet autists
he only was a couter to gil because of mad enhancement . any saber face can beat him
You kill his Master, of course. That, or throw Galahad at him, or engage him in a location where there isn't anything he can use as a weapon using a Servant that excels at hand to hand combat.

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Why isn't she more popular on /a/? Her Fuuka and Idolmaster songs are pretty good, and she was also likable in Love Lab and Made in Abyss.
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/a/ only likes the meme seiyuus.
Idolmaster have in them some exceptionally talented women who are known for little else.
You should probably post her name since people LISTEN to her roles. Most of us don't recognize faces too.

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>this is what happens when you let the fujoshits take control

they aren't even hiding it anymore
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>still on batoto
Go with the times.
>Batoto deviantart exclusive licensed titles
>meanwhile all those manga are pirated titles
mangatraders.biz is downright now

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ITT: Smiles you couldn't protect.
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this I want you to delet
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Post the eyes that you love the most!
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Any Soul Eater fans out there
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Right here. Both anime and manga endings are shitty.
Kid best boy, Medusa best girl
Respectfully disagree, Tsubaki best girl obv
Yeah, one of the first anime I've ever watched. Soul best dude and he should've been a death scythe near beginning. Black stars wepon is best grill

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>main character is worst girl
Why does this happen so often?
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But Vigne isn't the main girl. Gab should be it and she's great.
Satania isn't the worst girl though.
Dunno Anon, but you definitely picked the wrong picture to start this thread. Its Gab = Satania > Raph > Dog > Vinge

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ITT we post 2 materials that gets compared alot and we say which of them is better. I'll post a correct example:
> Death Note
> Code Geass
Death Note
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>Dragon Ball
>You're favorite anime
Absolutely disgusting taste. Kill yourself

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Why has animation quality imrpoved so much? I mean in the 90s we would never have as well animated tv shows as Space Dandy, Flip Flappers, Mob Psycho, Yozakura Quartet, Little Witch Academia or any recent kyoani show. Did studios start getting more money? Are there more talented animators? Did digital coloring make the production process faster so more effort could be put into it?

I know lots of people will get butthurt by the types of shows I mentioned. But I'm not talking about scripts or directing. I'm talking very specifically about the animation itself.
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Animation cells are like film, once you use one, its used. And they cost money.

Digital lets you redo something over and over, so long as time permits. Its also far easier to learn and practice when you aren't paying for art supplies over and over.
They still draw frames on paper though.
Yeah, but that's just pencil + paper. Before you would have pencil + paper + cel + retracing + paints.

Most backgrounds are also done digitally and that helps as well.

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Gosh anon, you're such a loser
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n-no im not
I have a job, I eat healthy, I don't drink a lot, I'm saving up money, I have friends and I go to the gym to keep myself somewhat fit.
What the fuck do you want from me?
If you say so my mistress, I guess I must be.

In your opinion, who is the best Yuru Yuri?

My vote goes to Sakurako.
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Just made it to the polls in time, my vote was for Ayano.
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The sensible Yuru.
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best Gachi Yuri

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