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Anime caters mostly to pedos.
She did not get enough screentime

She needs two screens for them taddies.

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more like budget in the abyss
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truly heart breaking. at least the manga is still amazing. cheer up with this picture of regu
So how was the episode
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Describe this man without using the word mysterious

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Why aren't there more tanks vs mecha in anime?
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Why isn't there more tanks vs tanks in anime?
Hana is a hack.
People who can design and draw robots well can't design and draw tanks well.
Same with the other side, people who can draw and design decent looking tanks can't into robots.

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Rin really does have a slender body, it's crazy to think that she could beat up 79.2% of /a/ in a fight.
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Why don't you ever try making a normal [email protected] thread instead of these shitty bait ones which die in a heartbeat because they are worthless. I mean you're spamming two, three threads a day at this point, right?
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I honestly thought this was a FS/N thread at first and the fan art was slightly off.
you haven't seen my cock

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S2 of Haikyuu kinda sucked. I barely got through it and now I find out that there are 10 more episodes of just the Shiratorizawa match which sounds excessive and drawn out.

Can I just skip to the end or is it actually good?

Pic related, best girl.
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S2 was good, but the training arc was too damn long so it took some time to pick up. S3 is pretty awesome despite it sounding like the pacing sucks.
The training arc was my least favorite part of Haikyuu. On the flip side, I was pretty hype throughout all of S3.
How do you even lose 60 games? It's not like they suck. Fucking retarded.

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Excuse me but I was expecting a family ALL-AGE movie including kids but holy shit Japs still managed to put some perverted shit into it.

Why the fuck would they show two schoolgirls chewing rice and spitting it back with thick saliva? Holy fuck man my kids are still shocked.
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The trailer literally had the main girl squeezing her own boobs, what are you on about laddie
What's wrong with squeezing your boobs?
I couldn't imagine anyone complaining about inappropriate content on 4chan, let alone /a/.

Would you like to continue?
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Where do I insert coin?
Why did I stop?

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Imouto Thread!

Post only the best imouto!
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Make sure you read the other three parts too.
th-that's not what imoutos are for, anon

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Bez tytułu.png
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New Episode.
Minori got a pufferfish and she was so happy because she loves pufferfish. I felt like reading this pasta about this ugly kid eating ice cream with his family.
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Only suffering awaits.
>bullying never stops, even during the festival
I am sad now
What the fuck was this?

What was the meaning of the last scene where Cian was shown in the white room?
How does the Harmony program even work with the people who do not have WatchMe in their bodies, isn't that a requirement?
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Why are you streaming?
She wants to put her white stuff into her

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Would you come to her cafe anon?
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Of course

(And it's a master piece... want read this again)
Hmm, I like your pic OP, being aroused by Alpha is something new.
Give me raws of this in decent res, and I will.

Your choices are:
>The bitch, I mean tsundere.
>Childhood friend who has housewife skills.
>The "loli" of legal age.
>The titty monster
>The only girl with an actual personality, you even share similar interests.
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I end the season without picking any of them and then I kick the viewer in the balls and tell him to read the manga for the rest of the story that will also end without a proper conclusion five years from now.
The loli of legal/illegal age, doesn't matter, the harem's loli never wins, her feelings are never even taken in consideration, she's just the token loli after all. Even if it's a lolicon LN we will always have a teenage girl who will win MC's heart in the end.

I want something different for a change, no one ever loves the loli and that always make me kinda sad.
I turn down each and every single one of them in the coldest, most brutal ways possible, all the while making it look like I will choose the last girl.

Then, I reject her too.

After that, I hook up with my wacky idiot best friend and proceed to treat everyone with a ten-minute scene of explicit gay sex.

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is code geass worth watching? i remember watching it like 10 years ago (i was 12) but i've forgotten pretty much everything about it except that i didn't like it and the main character had sharingan or something. should i go at it again with my smart adult brain?
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Sick blog.
You've inspired me to rewatch it. I remember dropping it around the same time only I was about 20. That said, tastes and preferences can change a lot in 10 years so probably worth a retry.

Do it again with your brain that's still not over high school drama.

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Can we all agree that Ikumi is best?

Gotta love that sexy creamy carmel skin. Perfection.
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Why can't I still not find any subbed OVA 3 sources? I don't even need the 4th yet. It was released in '16.

Am I this dumb?
Have you tried 9anime?
Oh man thank you. I didn't even know about it.

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