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So who /uk/ seeing this today?
tfw no IMAX in Portsmouth
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If only they learned they were in different timezones by communicating with eachother. Fuck this movie. The only memorable thing about it is the CGI dancing scene
I don't even think that was CGI

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>it's almost 2018 and no one has yet surpassed her
how did she do it anons?
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who is this again? Can't remember
>almost 2018
no its n-


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I'm glad this neo-/a/ meme caught on, Initial D is underrated.
I'm watching this for the first time and recently started 2nd stage, why did they make Ryosuke look like a complete fucking chad with him constantly wearing a sweater over his shoulders looking like Carlton Banks? His hair sucks now too

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Has there ever been a better bro?
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I felt sad for him at one point actually because he kept being dragged into Kurosawa-san's bullshit
motherfucker almost smashed kurosawa's head in for laughs
getting dragged into kurosawa's life and death situations is the least he can do
>this is a japanese middle schooler

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HorribleSubs NTRed the 8th episode.
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I'm looking at the manga at which would be a good stopping point
The first page
Did everybody drop this?

>somehow managed to create a better image of old Europe than actual Europe without using a single RL reference
Really makes you think, right?
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You already this this earlier.
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The problem is it looks so beautiful but the actual show won't live up to expectations.
People will praise it like a second coming anyway because it looks nice.
On another note: doesn't it look too old? It's XX century after all, not fucking XVIII.

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So, post here 9x9 of animes you think should get a little more love. They don't have to be your favourites, or masterpieces, just animes you really enjoyed but for some reason people didn't watch/like them.

My list here is(Left-right, top-bottom):
>Tonari no Seki-Kun
>One Outs
>Mawaru Penguindrum
>Cencoroll (I actually got this idea from a thread of this earlier)
>Magic Kaito 1412
>The Big O
>Oban Star-Racers
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Don't forget to kill yourself tonight.
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Nobody is gonna fall for those.

Who is the best Azumanga and why is Sakaki
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because she raped Yoshida
All Azumangas are best Diohs. But Tomo is the worst of the best Diohs.
But I like Tomo.

Do cute girls like guns?
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I like guns, so yes.
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18if new episode, was it kino?
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Did everyone drop this show? After watching last week's episode, I was expecting more of a reaction but by then, the thread was already dead. It went completely off the rails.
>Did everyone drop this show?
/a/ has shit taste. This anime is in top 3. Maybe even AOTS
>Did everyone drop this show?
Watching it now. I'm digging the art style they used this week. It's a nice change of pace and perfect for one episode of an episodic show.

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Uh oh, is she prostituting herself to get money for college?
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I wonder what Taichi's dream is.
Kinda annoying we didn't actually learn it after all the build up
Just like my favourite used goods won't sell even on clearance sale manga.
That's Touma's dream

Touma is the big gay guy, Taichi is the short black haired guy

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Mitsudomoe ended and I dont know what to feel.
Lets have a thread about this underrated series maybe.
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Its just ecchi sometimes is all.

Anyways in the last chapters ogachin confessed though it didnt amount to much
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Hitoha was assumed to like yabecchi and made this face
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But then he actually managed to make her laugh for the first time so its leaving the shipping open as youd expect.

Why do cute lesbian girls catch colds so easily?
Why do their friends always go to the sick girl's house to feed her some apple rabbits?
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>3rd panel
Is she smoking a blunt?
>I've got to get better quickly or I'll be forgotten!
I love this line. For me it's one those phrases that the moment you hear it you just know that it has permanently imprinted itself into the depths of your mind, and you're gonna carry that sucker with you till the day you die.
Either Japanese people have the immune system of a 6 yo going through chemotherapy or Japan has some of the most virulent cold viruses known to man.

Holy. SHIT.
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they all have chins like that dude.
What dude?
what's wrong with her eyes

Damn /a/, you was right saying this shit is 100 times better than Persona 4
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Is it the best thing with 4 in the title?
Part 4 looked like shit compared to the previous parts... The backgrounds were ok but the character designs were oversimplified and had none of the style from the manga. Hopefully Vento aureo will look better
>The secret to making a good manga is realism!

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