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i think you mean QUALITY
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what went right?
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If he actually goes against the gods the series will be elevated from a 2/10 to 3/10

The ToP opening song is okay.

That little fish guy at Whis's place is cute.

Zeno is kinda funny.

That's all I got.
Some filler moments are funny and cute.

Do you like guy/guy pairing in anime and manga?
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no cause thats fucking gay
Yes cause thats fucking hot
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Do they explain the game? I'm 2 episodes in and it barely makes sense. I saw a couple of youtube explanations of mahjong
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>he doesn't instinctively understand and photographically memorise games instantly
stand still brainlet
Play it, it's the best way to understand
Learn the rules you fucking retard.

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we make an anime government. I wanna hear your propositions. I start.
Prime Minister: Yoshiko Hanabatake
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Head Officer
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The Minister of the redistribution of sex
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Minister of Education

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Just the omake.
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How should Prison School end?
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Hopefully soon so the author could use his artistic talent on a series with a more interesting premise.
With Kiyoshi impregnating his waifu, Mari.
Ecchi martial arts manga hopefully

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Why didn't he just give Anna the Vitamin D?
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Because she's dead
And that stops him, how, exactly?

because she wanted to fucking rape

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Houseki no Kuni new PV:
and cast:
Phosphophyllite - Kurosawa Tomoyo
Cinnabar - Komatsu Mikako
Diamond - Kayano Ai
Bort - Sakura Ayane
Morganite - Tamura Mutsumi
Goshenite - Hayami Saori
Rutile - Uchiyama Yumi
Jade - Takagaki Ayahi
Red Beryl - Uchida Maaya
Amethyst - Itou Kanae
Benitoite - Ozawa Ari
Neptunite - Tanezaki Atsumi
Zircon - Akaneya Himika
Obsidian - Hirohashi Ryou
Yellow Diamond- Minagawa Junko
Euclase - Noto Mamiko
Alexandrite - Kugimiya Rie
Kongou-sensei - Nakata Jouji
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How the fuck have I missed this getting anime adaptation

Still can't tell if I hate or like that animation but really happy at what manga are getting adaptations this year
Damn I wanted Shaft to animate this
How will Love Live Sunshine survive with this show having a god-tier cast?

Or any fujo shows?

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
Never stop

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I'm starting to think all the people praising this as a "unique coming of age story" have no fucking clue what any of those words even mean.
I think I know why fans are convinced that this show is complex - the idea that they so thoroughly wasted 2 hours of their life on something with absolutely no purpose is disconcerting, so they fabricate some "deeper meaning" for the show when in reality, there isn't one. Or, at the very least, there isn't one that can be attained without grasping at straws.
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The main appeal is that its one of the most visually entertaining anime ever made
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It's unique because of it's animation alone

It's a well done coming of age story because of the directing with the characters, not because of some "deeper" meaning.
What anime do you like op?

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Whats your favorite anime OST anon?
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Top wo Nerae
My favorite single track or my favorite OST overall?
Probably the Death Parade OP

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Alright lads, I've got a question: Given an i7 and a GTX 1070, how could I ensure an optimal anime experience using MadVR and the Smooth Video Project?

I'm currently using MPC + the Combined Community Codec Pack to play my animu; MadVR as a postprocessor, and SVP to eliminate that judder during panning shots. It looks good, but I'd like to squeeze the best quality possible without compromising performance.

Perhaps there's a guide of some sort? Either way, thanks in advance.
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>Smooth Video Project
Just use MPV

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Anyone else have an autistic need to see an anime through, no matter how shit it is?
I dropped Eromanga 4 times and still ended up finishing it.
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how was boku no pico?
I felt like that until I started to actively watch seasonal anime on a weekly basis in this years winter season. I never bothered before and I quickly understood why I didnt. Basically start with 25 shows and half way through the season am down to 5. Thats how it went ever since then.

>I dropped Eromanga
But that show isnt nearly bad enough to drop.
For me it depends on when I drop it.
I dropped Eromanga after the first episode cause it seemed really shitty and I don't regeret that decision.
I watched like 5 or 6 episodes of Koi to Uso and even though it's pretty bad I feel the need to finish it.
So I'll just wait till all episodes are out and then just binge watch the rest.

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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>create better world for my family
>lets kill my quasi-brother in the process
Because he's not ruthless enough at the beginning to kill his friend and he's not able to kill him later on when he is. Ultimately having him alive achieved his goals anyway so it didn't really matter.
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Because he can't hit guy standing literally 10 feet in front of him.

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