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BDs are saving anime
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Big Dicks
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They showed full pussy? Nice

Any new about the Madoka Magica concept movie?
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Still in development hell.
Shaft is overbooked with projects and the new mobage is taking more of their time.

If it really takes off, we might not get the sequel for years.
Man. They're still taking so long to make, I guess.
We still have to wait. Again and again.
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What are some examples of changing artstyles in anime?
I know Prisma Illya is a huge one.
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what happened to good anime.jpg
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Aren't these all from the same show?

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Do you think Sodachi and Aragagi would make a cute couple?
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Sodachi deserve the friendzone
False advertising. I was expecting huge knockers, not little bitties.
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Chunni girls are the best!
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Fuu is the best.
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But she needs that eyepatch.

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So I finally got around to watching this today and really enjoyed it. The body swapping was done much better than I had expected and I loved the twist in the middle. The art was spectacular as always, but I don't think it was as good as in the Garden of Words though overall I enjoyed it more than his other works.

I just want to go back and re-watch his other stuff now though.

What did /a/ think in the end?
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The scene after he drinks the sake and everything gets trippy was fucking beautiful.
Shinkai films certainly never fail at giving me depression though.

>you will never fall asleep swap bodies and meet your future girlfriend that way
I thought it was pretty good, but I feel like it's pretty overrated too. It would have been a terrible movie if the director hadn't been able to pull everything together so well and make it look so good. The plot elements themselves are from a random anime stereotype generator. It's what I'd recommend if someone said "I want something good but with every modern anime cliche possible."

If you ran across a title on Mangaupdates with these tags you'd probably laugh and keep browsing.

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Talk about anime you want to talk about but never get the chance to.
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i never visit anime boards has anyone except for me ever actually watched kotoura-san?
I love this duck.
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Yes it's ruined potential the show, The cop thing towards the end was pathetic.

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This girl is the cutest girl in all of anime.
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Haruhi Putting on a hat.webm
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I want to impregnate Haruhi and take responsibility.

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>Sansha Sanyou
>Anne Happy flopped
>Urara Meirocho flopped
>Hinako Note flopped
>New Game!! is underperforming compared to last season
>Tenshi no 3P is flopping
>Action Heroine is flopping hard
What happened Japan? Weren't CGDCT shows supposed to be sure-fire hits?
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Otakus ran out of money. Only fujoshi buy anything, which is why we get Yaoi on Ice and Osomatsu.
Good. Sansha Sanyou was painfully boring.
Add to this
>Stella no Mahou
>Koufuku Graffiti
But in any case, CGDCT shows have never been a sure-to-be-hit in the last 4-5 years. Almost all of the CGDCT shows that sold well came out in the late 00s/early 10s.

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I can't believe Chiaki would do that to Kae! Was Ghost Slide a mistake?
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>Thinking Chiaki and Kae would ever end up being together when Izumi is best girl
This is now an Izumi thread please dump the same twenty pictures of Izumi that we post in every thread
Ghost Slide is the best thing in the series. The anime had terrible pacing issues before it was introduced. Also, Chiaki did nothing wrong.

Still can't decide between Kae's feet and Izumi's ass.

But most importantly, is there any chance this will get an S2 ?
>But most importantly, is there any chance this will get an S2?
It's currently getting absolutely crushed by Keit-Ai in terms of sales, so probably not.

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Yukino smug.jpg
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What's the minimum and optimal tsun to dere ratio. I'm thinking 7:1 is the minimum, maybe 12:1 being my personal optimum.
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They are all shit no matter the ratio.
Friendly reminder that marrying this girl will mean having to deal with her horrible sister on daily basis and nobody wants that
Her sister would also fuck just to piss Yukino off.

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>MC is beta, weak and useless at the start of the series
>he stays that way forever
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Just like IRL
>MC is beta, weak and useless at the start of the series
>he becomes Kamina after the timeskip

Is this really any better though?
Looks like you didn`t understood

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Kill, Marry, Fuck, Ignore?
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Kill left
Marry right
Fuck middle left
Ignore middle right
Marry Black
Fuck Twintails pink
Kill Flower pink
Ignore Brown

kill all of them

ITT Girls from popular series no one likes.

Pic related. There are literally zero Muramasafags out there.
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>There are literally zero Muramasafags out there.

that so? thanks for letting me know. claimed.
wtf she is not kuroneko?
I saw many degenerates who like muramasa (her name sounds like sumo wrestler's) without using irony

Well I finally finished it.
Kind of glad the Reina shit got sidelined in favor of senpai.
The LN doesn't have Ky/u/ani goggles right? Still OTP.
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Nobody can deny that the novel has /u/ tones now that the first one is officially translated.
Spoil me on what happens.
Does more Reina misunderstandings?
How is the translation I might actually buy the novels.
thats a first time seeing someone actually happy with that shitty bait ending

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