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>out of nowhere this retard just happens to be good at programming

is this what they call "bullshit"?
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>out of nowhere

Dumb nenehater
She actually studies hard and programming is easy as fuck.

furthermore she is still shit but with muh potential

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Why do so many mangaka get ill?
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japanese cold is the deadilest
They live in dank mancaves, working 14 hour days with their assistants, six days per week.
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Insufficient defragging.

Sci-fi / Action / Supernatural/ Seinen manga created by Icori Ando, which is running on Tokuma Shoten's Comic Ryu Magazine.

Synopsis: When a person dies, their soul leaves the body in the form of a butterfly and the body itself rots away quickly after. The "butterfly" is recorded as data for a person's lifespan. 49 days after the "butterfly" leaves the body, it disappears forever.

The Government Death Bureau Agency's job is to collect, freeze and manage those butterflies before they disappear. Using these managed butterflies, the family of the deceased ones can come in contact with the dead in the form of a 3D hologram.

Raws: http://lhscans.com/truyen-butterfly-storage.html
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This thread is a continuation of >>161324350
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Protecting your daughter

Ep 18 Preview:
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This is a JGSDF Type 10
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Don't you fuck this one up Blitz
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Altair on the cover!

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Post best non-canon otp
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Pic not related.
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>Evangelion has the most realistic characters in ani-
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I remember when I was autistic and I got physic powers to defeat a military tyrant. Good times
I remember when I was an emo faggot and I got magical robot to defeat aliens. Good times.
>Template threa-
Eat shit.

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>puffy vulva.jpg
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I don't think i've ever seen an mangaka other than Methonium draw such chubby cheeks.
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Fat cheeks!
That's way beyond chubby. Hamsters could be jealous of that creature.

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Will he finally be more powerful than Beerus?
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Yes, beerus is basically comic relief now.
Beerus is overrated
No beerus was holding back even more than previously thought.

>Hunter x Hunter is different from any shounen
>Togashi is a good writer
>see this
please explain
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The Properties!
I'm glad garbaggio threads like these are prime for deletion

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What went wrong with this piece of shit?
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The only thing wrong with it was that it was too good.
the guy isn't white
Literally nothing.

Who is best monogatari girl and why is it deathtopia?
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>still 2 seasons before we get deathtopia arc
Fucking hell, who the fuck needs sodachi anyway.
>implying shaft will animate past zoku
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>implying they'd throw away money

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Anime confirmed.

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Is this a full anime or a short?

They did Wakaba. Probably a short.
Manga has enough material for a full season.

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Let's start with this. It had a cute childhood friend, an interesting premise, lots of action, and most of all, a really good OP. Why wasn't this more popular? Why is it forgotten now?
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The only good thing about that show was Tooty Fruity.
The OP was good too.
The pacing was bad, but at least it had a lot of action almost every episode so I liked it.

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fucking confirmed.png
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Okay, I just watched Episode 4 of OreImo's Season 2, and I just wanna say that if any of you nekofags actually thought that she was gonna win after this point, then you're fucking retarded.
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Ruri was the canon winner.
Everyone knows both the LN and anime endings are just corporate-mandated fanfiction and that's why the community (except for the most deviant and fanatical shitrinofags) chose to ignore them.
Spoiler alert: he never kisses his sister

Fucking waste of time...

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How was Nyunyu relevant in the overall plot for Flip Flappers again?
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i liked flopp flopp. sad it flopped
something about a guy named thommas?
She was. Her presence helped solidify the fact that Yayaka was being forced out of the group she considered herself the leader of. She had spent so long deceiving Cocona and was beginning to regret it, but kept on because she thought her service guaranteed her a position of power. In reality, she was being used by her group just as much as she was using Cocona. Nyunyu showing up was basically a reality check for her, and made her realize that she was just a pawn, which also made the decision to switch sides that much easier. At the same time, because Nyunyu never actually went on a mission by the end when she showed up, she had no particular loyalty to her bosses, and thus was able to help Cocona and Papika when they needed it. If Nyunyu wasn't there, it's likely that Yayaka would've fought against Papika and Cocona until the end, as she believed that stopping them at all costs was worth the price.

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