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>not watching Your Name in glorious IMAX®
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>16 fucking pounds
>17.5 fucking euros
>20.5 fucking dollars
>for 90 minutes of film
And people wonder why I dont leave the house or go to the movies.
>being a europoor
>being a phoneposter
Please just stop posting
>not already owning the japanese blue ray

Kill yourself poorfag.

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isekai jesus.jpg
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>every episode adds a new girl to the harem
he can't keep getting away with it
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> still having discrete girls instead of continuous ones

he's an alpha. He's a fucking beast. I've never been so proud of the Japanese anime industry. We have the perfect isekai self-insert male protagonist. To be quite honest, this type of character needs to be in every single anime, especially those garbage yuri CGDCT shows. I believe this mc is capable of delivering some lesbian conversion therapy.

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Did he finally out-GAR himself?
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a musician going deaf is the opposite of news
I misread it as dead and I got sad for a moment.
Ayumi Hamasaki is almost deaf too. Maybe they can be butt buddies.

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Is it okay to kill 3 billion people to save 3 billion and 1?
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Of course. Not killing them will probably mean that everyone dies instead. Shirou's ideal of saving everyone might be something beautiful to think of, but it's not realistic.
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>not saving both 3 billion and 3 billion + 1
step it up tosan
What if its 3 billion and 1 Jews?

I believe someone should give this girl an encyclopedia, a lot of problems would be solved
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I should give every girl in this series my dick, and most problems would be solved.

Kakegurui would be a top anime this season if it was a harem.
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muh president.png
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It's more fun watching shit crash and burn than reading about it in a book.

Also, gotta love how Sayaka was ready to stungun the shit out of that faggot in the latest chapter.
i thought she did, it wasn't very clear though
also i love anime prez

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>Psycho Pass
>It's not about playing soccer in a madhouse
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>not about Beck
>New Game
>They made a sequel to an existing game
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I'm reporting this.jpg
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>One piece
>It's not about clothing

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>Akiko-san 20
Nothing can stop this series. We will all die of old age and new chapters will still be released.
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holy shit, is this still a thing?
that sure is commitment to a character
It won't outlive Pandra
Pandra is not a doujin.

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>How to shit on everything Eva stands for in 2 hours
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go on big guy, tell me what EVA stand for.
I assure you, 2.0 is the EoE that we never had
>everything Eva stands for
You mean the edgt imagery whose whole purpose is to look cool?
anno decided to make casual bait, that's all.

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>mc travels to a foreign country
>everyone is still speaking in japanese
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Umm, sweetie...
But then there are anime with whole scenes completly in english and the producers hired actual english VA's.
And then there's anime like Itazura Na Kiss with cringey broken english scenes throughout the whole second half of it

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Isn't he a billionaire now though.
Could still beat him up
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What's that one series you really want to dive further into but you can't help but feel it only gets more retarded the further you go and at some point you'll just hate it all and feel like you've wasted your time massively?

Pic related
I loved UBW and plan on watching Zero at some point but everything else seems so horribly convoluted
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You're right.
It is.

It's not really, it's pretty straightforward.
My issue with Fate is that I know the basic gist of everything that happens in the VN. So my plan is to just try my hardest to forget everything about it. You guys are making it very hard, though.

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Why don't we just hire Seismic to make S2?
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He took two decades to make a few Liru animations and you are asking the guy to make a whole anime?

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If you could create a master and servant pair what would it be?
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shiki tohno and d'Eon cause why not
Tell me about deon
a cute with a cool hat

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megumin safada.png
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>liking meme-tier show like Konosuba
konosuba is good, the problem is the reddit-tier fans.
>konosuba is good

It's been over half a week since the sticky, do you feel like the board got better or worse?

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You gotta admit, that pickle Nozomi was kinda funny.
No it was not. Maybe if you're 13 and think Rick and Morty is the best thing ever, but then you're a retard and you shouldn't be here.
And the board has been objectively better.
Lolis should not box joeys.

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