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what woud you do to her?
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Heterosexual sex in the missionary position
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Fucking disgusting
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I would go for a run with her.

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>Cut to more talking
>All medium shots
>No diversity
>Never bother to change anything up
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I didn't ask you about your mom
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Holy shit we got a film buff here everyone

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What's your opinion on Rosario+Vampire? Does it stop being so generic?
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My opinion is that I'd like to fuck the loli witch.
>loli with garterbelt in school
Why is this allowed?
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The anime has it's moments but the manga is definitely better and does a lot more with the premise

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can you explain why nichijou is so good
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It's funny. Very comfy. Cute girls. Different buzzword.
it has good animation
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nano is best girl

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To find Adam
Triggering Instrumentality.
You got Adam, you got Lilith.

Man and the earth was made from lilith, The angels were made from Adam, as well as the EVAS.

Adam + Lilith = universal god power over AT fields.

Who combines them first controls the power, the goal of the angles were to become god in this universe.

At the point of instrumentality, your will is final, when Shinji triggered the HAPPENING, He had the final say over if things returned to normal, or if it would end. Those with a strong enough will to live regenerated from the Orange Juice because that's what shinji wanted at heart.

People think because of that, the movies are a sequal. The oceans are still orange from the AT fields in the movie, while not at all in the show.

At least that's my head cannon.

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where is my season 2 of neptunia??

there's plenty of games already
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nobody with sanity actually cares about yuri
On Steam.
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>Vert hires an imouto in season 2 since she can't get one
>greedy-ass little spear user
>Leanbox surprisingly accepting

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>realize you haven't seen anything new from a hentai artist you like for a long time
>look it up
>they've stopped making hentai now that they have a non-h manga serialized
rip toruneko
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Why the long face anon?
>rip toruneko
Please be a lie.
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Sometimes the artist come back, just to go back to non-h again. Haga Yui for example, it's the third time it happens, my only problem is that the new manga has no translation so far. She still make doujins, but still.

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What are your honest thoughts on Dragonball GT?
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Im glad it exists because it allows me to remember that Super could always be so much worse and still enjoy it

space adventures with Pan and Trunks is a cool concept though I wish it wasn't botched
The first 2 arcs were awesome

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I miss Yamada-Elf. She was the only character with a backstory and likeability. I liked her. I sympathized with her.
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>tfw you want her to win but know she'll never win because muh incest
on the other hand, Masamune-kun is not for her. She is not his league
I just wanted to fuck her.

left or right?

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Why not both?
Left's haircut is less stupid.

It seems that Japan is a fairly conservative country when it comes to the art style. While Americans don't produce as much animation as Japan, we do have different art styles and more variety.
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>hi I watched 3 anime in my life
>implying 3D is art
Fuck off.
Fuck off.
That's what's in demand. People like the final fantasy shit

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Stands vs nen
Which is the most balanced?
Which is the least asspull?
Which is most entertaining?
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They are both bullshit, but at least they aren't powerlevel bullshit.

Also, that you don't choose a Stand but you can actively make your own Nen power make both entertaining in diferent ways.
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Top kek

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Let's be honest, we all wanted to be Kurumi's sex slave.
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At best we'd share an awkward moment with her that is forgotten in a sea of normative behaviors.
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>Hero saves the day
>Shit blows up but nobody gets hurt
>Everyone hates him now
Why the fuck this shit tropes always happens? Just why?
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You can never please everyone.
Someone is bound to get mad his house gets blown up.

Why is Alice so fucking hot?
I just want to fuck her from behind while pressing her upper body and face into the mattress.
The money to pay property damage will come out from their taxes, I'd be mad too.
When did that ever happen?

>chidori is an assassination technique

Yeah, not with that loud ass buzzing noise that can be heard from the stands.
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it's fast and deadly
Well, Kakashi successfully assassinated Kakuzu with it.
>Itachi loves his brother
So much so in fact, that he traumatized his brother, made him obsess over killling him and guaranteed that he would defect to look for more power

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