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Which version of bestgirl was best?
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Left. She had the prettiest design in the very first OAV ep and they never went back to that look again.

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there are anons who say that this isn't the greatest anime of the year so far
are they trolling or do they have some sort of mental handicap?
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I don't really like romance stories.
me neither but this was a great watch

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>pumps semen into his waifus like there's no tomorrow
>has unprotected sex with every girl but Rin more than once
>none of them get pregnant
How does he do it?
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It's magic, duh.
Saber's is ded in Fate, he fucked Rin once in UBW so it's likely that Rin was just lucky. Cumming inside doesn't have a 100% success rate.

Regarding Sakura, maybe she was on the pill ? I mean she got raped rather often so that would be the sensible thing to do.
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It was foreshadowed in the Fate H-scene.

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Literally carrying the series on her goddamn back.
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When will the criossant be back ?
Why does everyone treat Mana like shit?
Anons, would you buy her a frappuccino?

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Nice boy's ass
God this anime is fucking garbage.
People really shouldn't waste their time with this.
I mean it's their decision, but there's so much better stuff out there, why watch this shit?
What does this show do so well, that it's worth watching?
Even the voice acting fucking sucks.

Also, does she not own other panties, she was wearing those in that scene where she was too retarded to notice she wasn't wearing a skirt too.
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>Really hate NTR
>Can't stop imagining Lilina getting railed into next week ahegoing her ass off while Misaki sits in a corner and cries
What is wrong with me?

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The scariest ghosts you'll ever meet.
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Are we 2hu now?
Praise Yukarin.

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>tfw you remember watching this in high school but now you wonder what the fuck you liked about it
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I watched Mirai Nikki like 4 or 5 Years ago and I liked it. Would've rated it 8/10 back then. I recently watched it again and it was mediocre at best. It can be very enjoyable if you're 16 years old but when you watch it later you just notice the many plotholes and the forgettable characters. Let's be honest Yuno makes the whole show. Would rate it now 4/10.
Elfen Lied
Love Hina
Green Green
Darker than Black S2
It easily has the worst fucking mc of all time, people shit on Evangelion but at least Shinji eventually did something. Yuki just fucking whines the entire way through.

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This is what Totally Spies should have been.
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>no based Jerry
More like should not have been
A laundry tycoon show?


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- Sonju is killing some demons
- Emma checked the area with biinoculars but there's still no clue.
- Ray told something about some more info hidden within the pen. Gilda asked which info he anwered that there was some data he couldnt extract previously from the pen even after entering the code. and this likely because those info are supposed to be unlocked once they reach B06-32
- so they indeed managed to enter the code now, and a map showing a basement appears.
-they finally found the entrance to the underground.
- theres seemingly many doors with numbers (102, 103 and so on...)
- they knocked at one of the door and opened it.
- there are many monitors and such inside.
- then a blackhaired man greet them "welcome to shelter B06-32!"
- they re wondering if it's Minerva.
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Series is shit now without Phil/Mama/NiggaMama/Norman, bye
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>then a blackhaired man greet them "welcome to shelter B06-32!"
We're a fucking fallout now.
Neverland structure:
>Color page (every two weeks)
>17 pages of infodumping
>1 page of keikaku or cliffhanger (or both)

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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CGnSvXhbg0
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Who's your favorite Kyoani heroine?

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Minoru Shiraishi
No boys allowed!

We 11d chess now.

>Soma will be happy
You better stay true to your word, faggot.
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The episodes are getting crazier and crazier. I like it.
Soma deserves to be happy. Everything she's done was for the best ending.
This final arc is getting pretty intense, I love it.

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What are your thoughts on Witchblade?
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0/10 couldn't even fap to it
7/10 couldn't even fap to it
Best blade.

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Could you take care of her?
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Made for anal
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Apparently not
If nothing else KyoAni are gods at drawing legs and thighs in their fanservice illustrations

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Do japanese companies fight against pirating manga and anime? How?
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more a /g/, /jp or /t/ related topic. Also the answer is 42.
In anime-world piracy is a taboo worse than murder.
Anime characters always buy the BDs, 3 of each.
Barely at all

Nor should they, they need a 21st century streaming kind of business model

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