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Do you like gay pairing in anime & manga?

Fuck off mods, this isn't a general
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Fuck off with your fujo general
I do like Makoto and Haruka from Free. They have a beautiful relationship.
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this is canon

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Not actually featuring Zenitsu.
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>read manga in the middle of the night
>too tired to go on but too good to stop
>pass out
>wake up at 7am
>continue reading
What's your favourite manga, /a/?
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>read manga in the middle of the night
>too tired to go on but too good to stop
>pass out
>wake up at 7am
>fucking forget everything I read
I guess this is why wiki(a)s exist.
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Honestly it might be Hinamatsuri. It just makes me feel real good.
Onnani Master Kurosawa.

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nene is stacked.png
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What do you think about teachers in anime?
And who is best teacher?
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What does she teach?
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Not even a contest.

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It's not fair, /a/. . .
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She lost because she didn't even try, it's incredibly fair.
good point unfortunately

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more loli
Make them animate high quality hentai.
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Another vampire loli, no make it two, twins.

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/a/ hates the normalfag weeb community that decided to turn him into a meme for no reason.
Success breeds jealousy
One must hate someone, anon. Human nature

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How can some of you still think that Bocchi isn't a ninja?
If she isn't a ninja, how did she managed to kill Sotoka so easily?
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Is this yuri?
No, this is Bocchi.
anime never

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Yankee Shota to Otaku Onee-san.jpg
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Where might one find these series about shotas impregnating cakes?
Well endowed shotas are best shotas.

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Comfy Shinji.png
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The official French translation for the manga actually translated her name as Lei in the first volume.
I want to lay with Rei!

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What are some shows/manga series that have weird themes but managed to gather huge following?

Pic related, MonMusu is far from being unique, but it is the most popular piece of media that portrays the topic and led to its normalization.
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My two cents is that the character designs are not too crazy. When compared to other monster girls stuff, MM looks down right plausible. For me the concept of a large, active hybrid organism that can live entirely off of a few ounces of 'human essences' is too stupid.
Outside the 4chan circle jerk MM is just the right amount of weird and wholesome.
I HATED anime (and the Japanese narrative style) before I watched MM, yet it somehow has lead me to not be so close-minded about it as a whole.
This. Take away the monster bits, and you have a group of girls struggling to adapt to a culture shock while being helped out by the romance interest. My two best friends love the show. Then again they're lesbian as fuck so probably watch it for the same reason most people do. Miia best girl.
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Another thing related to character design is that they are based in myth and legend, but are sufficiently 'monster' enough and not just 'cute human with extras'. Examples: Demi-chan, Rosario+Vampire, etc. Also the girls are not other beings pretending to be human like Dragon Maid. They are what they are with no way to hide it. Makes them honest I suppose.
That said I enjoy all three of those examples.

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Miyu is like a Serene Hassan Install
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>she even turns brown
my dick
HEROyama does it again. Did his C92 doujin ever get scanned though?
I'm really worried that this final fights will be a ryona and giro party.

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Screw Norman and his dead ass. I have a new husbandu now
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dump it
an older ray?
Looks more edgy than Ray

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Chapter out on mangaONE app. Dumping raws with rough translation.

>Why’d you do something this stupid.
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>O… Oi…?

>There’s nothing else we can do!!!
>Let’s run!

>Impossible, I can’t run with my injuries.
>You go on your own.

>…What about you?

>There’s only one way to stop him.
>What he did at the time I was going on a rampage and was about to self-destruct…

>If I only I could do the same thing he did back then…
>Becoming a vessel and absorbing all his energy.
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>Absorb that thing’s energy…? That’s crazy…
>You’re gonna get wrecked…

>I’m fine with that.
>If I can become a human sacrifice…


>I’m ready for it.

>Don’t go spewing that kind of shit all of a su-
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urban fantasy chart.jpg
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So...that´s it, which is the worst show you have ever watched?

Shows that you actually watched, not things that dropped half way.

Hard mode: No stand alone ova

I think the worst one I've watched so far is Yumeria.
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Never seen a more beta male faggot in my entire life. There are betas in other anime that I would take over this guy, that's how bad he was. Like that beta dude from GAMERS! He is more manlier than what I saw from Re;Zero, which is sad to say.
Persona Trinity Soul

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