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buyfag thread

read the meme buyfags.moe
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Remember to always consult your dick.
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Looks like they're doing a rerun of the only non-gk monmus figure we're probably ever going to see. Glad I didn't fall for scalper prices.
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Thanks for the reminder

Ever come across an anime character you thought was really hot/cute but otherwise despised?
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Louise is for hugs.
From cactuses
No, from anons.

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>When you execute your revenge just right
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but that's not casca
>The waifu from a 25 year old Disney Movie
Why. It'd be funnier if they'd just made Casca a nappy headed monkey

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So this bastard is invencible? How his powers even work?How the fuck can someone counter it?
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By going Over Heaven.
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>How his powers even work?
Nobody can counter it and nobody ever tries.

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When are they going to have sex?
Also, do Kumiko's two useless friends ever do anything? Why are they there?
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Asuka's boyfriend here. They haven't had sex but Asuka did make me show Kumiko and Reina what sex is like.
Kumiko is my cute wife.
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they will never have sex because Yuri is a degeneracy that must not be published in the media.

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Do anime industry needs more gaijins to get out of a miserable state it is in currently? Looking at what netflix is doing it seems like west knows better how to handle production and distribution
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They need more writers like me, so I can make more isekai harem shows. They clearly have no idea how the fuck to write this stuff. All these beta male protagonists and Gary Stus.
>miserable state it is in currently
No, if you want gajins to make anime why don't you watch western cartoons instead?

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What do you think about the new originals next season(no sequels).

Noteable staff:
Just Because!
Writer: Hajime Kamoshida (Sakurasou author)
Director: Atsushi Kobayashi(first time chief director, experienced episode director)

Two Car:
Writer: Katsuhiko Takayama (Aldonoah Zero, Mirai Nikki, Big Order)

Director: Kubo Amika (completely new, won a award for a short animation 2006)

Director: Seong Ho Park (first time director, is a talented key animator)
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>Writer: Hajime Kamoshida (Sakurasou author)
Fuck, I was excited but fuck sakurasou
At least it's got more potential than this summer season which only has one worthwhile original.
>one worthwhile original.
which is?

What happened?
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the best part of you ran down the crack of your mothers ass
>when anime filler becomes more enjoyable than actual manga story
honestly I lost interest in the show when Rukia left. the show was interesting because of their dynamic, they had a nice dichotomy going on

I also think the show jumped the shark by going to the soul society so quickly

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The cutest
The sweetest
The smartest
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The sexiest
When was Hakase ever Sweet?
The most annoying

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He should have his own anime that is just about him trolling people
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>zelretch's magic storytime
>its him sitting on his chair with a cup of tea and telling stories
>platform for comfy SoL/comedy a la CP
>occasionally he shows up in the story and does whatever
this is actually a good idea
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Clannad means family. Pick one.
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I want granny.
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Family means no one gets left behind

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is this anime actually communist culture marxist propaganda or is it supposed to be a parodic dystopia? i really can't tell
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>thinking people watch centaur girls
>/pol/ shit needs to know whether the show is his friend or enemy
Just fuck off back to /pol/.
Take it elsewhere

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Whats the new arc about? Are we done with stain?
Less than 24hours for raws.
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Crawler, Pop Step and KD will probably go after the bee girl.

You reckon they're going to go based on sonic the edgehogs information? he just met her like half an hour ago
They had enough of cancerous shonen generals and are deleting all of them.
>one piece general with barely 20 posts is 2 hours old
>dragon ball general barely got 100 posts in 20 hours

Someone please explain to me how this shit is so popular. I have seen people even rank it as highly as Evangelon, which is laughable.
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anything is beter than evnaglion you stupid pretensios fag
Watch more anime and stop being such a pleb
No because you are a pleb, that much is obvious. You wouldn't understand either way.

What did they mean by this?
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*sumanai* in edgy voice
Apocrypha design is edgelord.

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