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Reminder that Prisma illya shit is not canon and not part of the Nasuverse
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Uh, good?
But F/GO made that shit canon. Since Goetia destroying the entire multiverse affected Prillya as well. And side events get referenced in the main F/GO event.
Not since F/GO.

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Which episode do you guys think when we will finally see favaro?
Its probably ep 5-6

Favaro is top tier character
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Ep 12-13
That would be sad if it did happen kinda
Episode 4

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What do you think of Ririchiyo?
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I can't remember if she's from Mayoi Chiki or Boku Inu. help.
Neither her, nor anyone else in her manga, deserved that mid point plot twist. Holy fuck that was depressing.

Also RIP Author. She made good shoujo aimed at dudes.
Obviously Boku Inu. Look at the eyes. Dead giveaway.

is he any edgy?
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Most edgy characters are unirocally great though.

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why are anime girls so hideous?
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What's wrong with her mouth?
it's not making me a sandwich that's what.
Post only the unsexiest girls here.

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Any fans of Fuko from Clannad?
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I love and hate Fuuko. That is all. Just because nobody replied doesn't mean nobody loves you. Stick around.
w h o?
That floating star OP posted silly.

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What'd you think of it?
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>meme glasses
>meme pink jacket for extra cuteness
>fuyukai desu
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This is really retarded.
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Don't even know where this is from but I hope that faggot dies
Prove him wrong
>given enough time
Anything is possible "given enough time".

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Is anyone here familiar with this cute children's manga from 1997? Seems like something a lot of you would enjoy. It's an older work from the artist of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (which he draws under the name Yamazaki Housui). I could only find one chapter, but the story seems to be about a young girl going on adventures in a world full of talking animals.

I couldn't find any translations, but I'll post the entire chapter here regardless.
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Post your favorite anime openings from your country

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Fushigi no umi no Nadia Italian opening
Needs a Cruz Azul jersey.

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Why is Takane so indecent?
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Because she's the sluttiest
Why do you believe she is indecent?
This is false rumor. Stop spreading these lies.

>The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy was originally a high school blah blah blah forced to dress and act like a girl!
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>delinquents get sent to the Matriarchy
>encounter crazy bitches who attack them lethal weapons
>get forced to act and look like girls
>get forced to endure daily Privilege Check
>some new guy comes in
>"holy shit why do you fags put up with this shit?"
>punches bitches so hard they want to have his babies
>he's only interested in getting the fuck out of there because birds gotta fly, know what I mean?

alpha as fuck
That is what all feminazis would want things to be though.

OP you just do not know about the realities of this modern world.
>OP was expecting "Draw a girl, call it a boy"
>OP got "Draw a boy in girls clothes" instead

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Why are shougakusei allowed to be this sexy?
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Kuro doesn't study you baka
She studies the art of pleasuring dicks.
They don't need permission. They just are.

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Does a more smug face exist /a/?
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Why are anime characters white if anime is made by Japanese?
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this thread again desu?
they're not. you ever seen a white person with purple eyes?
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They are based on stolen Western art from the 1930s

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