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>Chad blown the fuck out
>Tomboy slut blown the fuck out
>Parents act like people instead of ara ara bullshit
>/lit/ and /fit/ couple

Holy shit this was so good
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AOTY so far
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I'm glad /a/ belatedly realized how good this show is. First half was better and the timeskip was unnecessary , but it worked out.
>and the timeskip was unnecessary
It really wasnt. It carried home the point both of them were trying to make and reassured the viewers that the maincasts wishes came true. It felt a bit cheesy sure, but it was a requirement to drive home the point that they are basically soulmates and will overcome anything that stands in their way.

They should have really made a S2 with hestia instead of the spinoff anime
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The spinoff was so terrible the only enjoyable parts were when Bell was around.

That's how you know you made a poor decision.
I want Hestia to suck my penis.
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Hestia is such a lewd goddess.

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So does Mordred dress like this just to get back at daddy Saber?
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No, she just thinks it's cool.
No, she has brain problems.

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Shiki can kill servants.
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Best Nasuverse heroine and by far and her scenes in KT are the best ero scenes he ever wrote (not that that's saying much).

It's actually amazing how endearing Len is despite having one line of spoken dialogue, you mostly just hear her thoughts and in a way that's more intimate.
Can he?

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How come pic related never got a dub? I can understand it not being a top priority for a major studio, but c'mon, nobody? It's right there, ripe for the picking. The most stupid, inane bullshit shows get dubs but this never does?
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Nobody wants to pick it up because it's neither good entertainment nor good intellectual stimulus. It's garbage in every aspect.
I mean it's not that bad. Especially when there's mountains of worse stuff that gets picked up.
Fuck off.

Prove me wrong
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Not the best in anime in general, but she sure is in her own show, which makes all the more sad than that misaka attention whore gets all the spotlight
She becomes an irrelevant side-character in her own series after the first arc or two. She gets recycled for the same six jokes over and over again while most of the other female cast members are given more screentime and development.

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Serious question: is he mentally retarded?
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No, but everyone around him is
the whole anime is and /a/ is too
so it compensate

Pink haired girl might be the biggest moron I've seen for a while.

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Hanji Zoe is a very good and cute character.
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It's a guy.
With tits?
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And Reiner is an enjoyable protagonist and a very handsome character.

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What is the most dangerous weapon or attack in Anime.
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Universe destruction technique.
Angry Loli.
a truck

Post your own timeline :^))
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anyone here disagreeing with me?
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Just finished watching this. What does /a/ think about it? Personally it felt pretty underwhelming. I expected more from the mind of one of the best animators of all time, but I guess good animation doesn't translate well to good directing. Anyways, just want to know /a/'s opinions on it, be it good or bad.
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bump. Has nobody seen this show?
Loved it.
Th-thanks for replying, anon. What did you like about it exactly?

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What the fuck did I just watch?

Is this a psycho pass parody and I didn't get the memo?
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Nips can't write good endings. Their biology is predisposed to self destructing for the benefit of the state. Naturally this feels bad on a personal level and thus shows tend to wrap up with the viewer feeling awful .


also the creator of the first wasn't involved in this one

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Interns are for ____________
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Internal use only.

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Has anyone seen Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome yet? I'm still confused, what's the connection with Tatamy Galaxy anyways?
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Tatamy Galaxy
Yeah, but what's the link?
Tatami Galaxi

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https://wakameparadise.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/nasu-ikuhara/ Interesting stuff.
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>I’ve always liked crossdressing girls and crossdressing boys

Oh Nasu,
Wow, he did not get Utena at all which explains a lot of his writing
>I’ve met Ikuhara-san before, and I asked him “How do you share your vision?!”, to which he answered, “Well, I just can?”

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