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Who is the cutest girl? !!!
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>be Araragi's 'girlfriend' since the first season
>still no actual good kiss scene
>meanwhile Araragi happily molests and kisses other girls
Truly anime's biggest cuckquean
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99% of best girls don't end up with mc's.
You're going to have to back that up with some hard statistics.
Kisses with her are too important for the audience to intrude on.

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This character is shit. The only good one is MC.
>when you love the concept of time travel stories but very very few are done with the skillfulness of steins gate

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Is Gurren Lagann a good anime?
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Is the sky blue?
one of the best

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Why can't anything surpass it?
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Because it was made with love and attention to detail by a very competent group of artists.
It wasn't good
Because you are stubborn.

Here is the infamous interview of Toriyama from Saikyou; Jump #3, 2014 where he basically said Goku doesn't give a shit about his family:

>Since Saiyans are supposed to have no affection for family or friends, does this actually make Vegeta, who holds his family and wife dear, an even stranger (kinder) Saiyan than Goku?

>Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that [Vegeta holds his family and wife dear]. On the other hand, Goku might not have a sense of family members like Gohan and Chi-Chi except as one of his companions.

>Normally, Saiyans don’t have much of a notion of romance or marriage, and apart from the royal family of Vegeta, they aren’t particular about blood-relationships. Being in among all that, I suppose you could say that the pair of Bardock and Gine were those rare Saiyans who were joined by a bond other than for reproductive purposes.
Since then we had such shocking reveals like Goku talking shit about Gohan for not being at the tournament (behind his back no less... like a hoe), not knowing what kissing is, doesn't care that Black killed his family in the manga, and wasn't even around for his unborn children (Goten is understandable but Gohan...?!).
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That's not a thing.
Vegeta x Bulma
No wonder Chi-Chi's such a bitch.

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Name a better fairy tale
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Utena is just a bunch of sexually repressed teens bullying each other then a girl wanting to be a prince meddles in.
Not completely false

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More like it's rare to see people using "autism" right and knowing what it actually means.

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Why didn't Joey and Tristan beat Weevil up and throw him overboard?
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They didn't have duel disk at that time, so how would they beat him up?
Why didn't Yugi? I would've killed anyone who did that kind of shit to me.
>commiting homicide over a children's card game

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Inuyashiki trailer
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looks pimp
So this is the power of CG
They shouldn't let the Gantz author anywhere near the production.

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You are now isekai-ed as the last jobber character you saw.
How do you fair?
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Does Eggman count as a jobber? If so, it wouldn't be too bad. I have my own robot empire 'n shiet, as well as a 200 point IQ. Considering how close he constantly gets to beating Sonic, all I have to do is not be fucking retarded.

>Inb4 not anime
Sonic X is anime, right?
I'm now Gilgamesh

I go fuck Rin
>koi to uso
so am I the faggot ikemen or the NTR'd and bullied one?
either one is fine by me

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ITT rare waifus
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did you genuinely think this was funny to post?
But since every anon has only a single waifu, does that not make every waifu a rare waifu?

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Why are brown 2D girls hot?
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Fit brownfu.gif
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>implying that's a girl

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When are we going to get an anime?
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Get in line pal
Hopefully never. It's rubbish.
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Maybe when Japan wins the World Cup again
So never probably

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Is this the single best fight in the history of shounenshit?
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good lord, no
>Demographic Seinen
That's no Naruto vs Sasuke

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