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BDs are out.

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Any changes?
I'm still mad that the imouto got completely shafted in the swimsuit special.
That's a detailed butt.

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KyoAni vs. SHAFT.png
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These two shows will be airing in the same season. Are you battening down the hatches for what can turn into one of the greatest shitposting wars that /a/ has ever experienced?
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>e greatest shitposting wars that /a/ has ever experienced?

I hope so.
Unironically watching Violet Evergarden
Ironically watching Shaft's next production disaster
Feels good to not be watching either.

Rin too was a cute loli once.
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lolis are always cute
I assume she started pleasing old men back then?
Who would let a kid use a mini skirt?

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What the fuck is his problem?
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Too sexy for a YGO anime
His ace monster is so worthless nowadays.

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Is this completely dead? No new news whatsoever.
Has KyoAni gone bankrupt?
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It comes out Winter 2018, SHAFTfag
The KyoAni-shills were actually all just cr-shills. But now that Netflix owns this show, there won't be any shilling for this from the KyoAni-shills anymore.
Not gonna make free advertisement for the competition.
Not everything needs to be hyped 24/7 you fucking shithead. Fuck off to your discord/twitter/reddit you fuck.

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Who is your semen demon of 2017?
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You just posted her.
>Tfw no Muramasa gf
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The youngest one with the hugest tits.

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Yo fuck this homewrecking bitch f'real
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no bully
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I used to call out black people and get angry at them but I think I'm starting to warm up to them

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What does anyone see in NGE? I just binged the whole thing, and it started out interesting - I thought the idea of "maybe teens wouldn't be great at this job" was good - but then it just went of the rails. The shitty pseudoscience, the psychobabble, everything just served to make me hate the show. What gives? Why is this so acclaimed?
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you didn't get it

then explain it

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Page 01.png
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Page 02.png
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Page 03.png
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Based, I missed this.

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Why did anime peak in the 90s and then crash to earth with nothing but shit since?
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People stopped liking mecha shows.
Because you're an idiot who only enjoys slapstick garbage, early 00s was better than late 90s
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It didn't go to shit immediately, but as time went on it really did go into the toilet.

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So are these guys related?
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It's said DIO's stand THE WORLD has the abilities of all Joestar decendants as it is shown to possess abilities of Hermit Purple and Star Platinum. However DIO was unable to access the powers of Crazy Diamond as Josuke had not developed his stand and was actually suffering from an intense illness during the time of the Crusaders' adventure. This aspect is similar to the illness that Holly Joestar had when developing a stand. However, to answer the original question, the answer is probably no - yet THE WORLD and Crazy Diamond do possess similar appearances in term of stature, helmet, armor and multiple consecutive punching techniques.
No, Araki just reuses design ideas all the time.
I'm not going to complain about the reused design because I fucking love their designs
>third robot scubadiver when?

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Is forcefeeding immoral?
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Is forcefeeding moe?
It gave me a gag reflex for all types of food until adulthood. No, it's not moe, and yes, I'm triggered.
Who the fuck is fucking talking about your fucking gag reflex? What the fuck this is why /a/ sucks now. Self inserting shonentards on every fucking thing.

Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Why didn't Suzaku just kill Zero?
Why didnt he just not order everyone killed?
this thread is retarded, his goal was to make a better world for nunnally and she clearly cared for suzaku so killing him would make nunnally sad

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How are you enjoying her spiral into deviancy? New chapter soon.
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Aogami Pierce.png
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5 now
fuck you, anon ;_;

Episode 7 is out for this barely watched show.
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Its a barely watched show for a reason
at last.

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