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>New novel, game, and now a manga coming this fall
All we need is an anime and the revival will be complete.
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I'm not sure if Virtual-On needs an anime to be revived.
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>Mikoto dying in 1080p
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It's been 15 years since the last one. An anime would be a good way to bring back old fans and get new ones into the series. And it wouldn't be restricted by Miki's shenanigans since SEGA would fund it.

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Tell me about the japanese why do they like the rules?
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What rules? You mean the ones about not hunting any whales?
Because without social conventions there's a "anything goes" and the japanese can't deal with that. Although the japanese increasingly can't deal with their social conventions these days either.
Characters with a strong sense of honor, law, and order are always my favorites. Gamagori ended up being one of my favorites more so for those qualities in his personality more than anything, plus his iron sense of duty and loyalty made it better. Maybe I only like these traits so much because I romanticize them.

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>she will never be your daughter

Why even live?
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Why would I feel bad about not having a daughter that isn't biologically mine?
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I'd rather have her as my wife.
How can one girl be so perfectly cute?

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Is he the ultimate anime/manga Chad?
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How is he a Chad? He couldn't even attain his dream without sacrificing all of his comrades and abusing magic.
Griffith is the biggest bitch in all of Berserk.
>The Chad homosexual self-prostitution
>The Virgin involuntary infancy rape
those people were his property and nothing more. how did he abuse magic?

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this show is making me cringe too much. Make it a bit raunchier and this beats prison school any day.
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Is that fucking Kirito?
fuck and I thought I hid it motherfucker

How much does he really know?
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Thats right.

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Queen's miko dress is objectively hotter.
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Mikos are kinda boring and outdated. I prefer her normal look.
>mikos are boring

I'll fight you.

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Defend this
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i think Guts can defend himself
That's a big sword.
lmao y to tbhfam?

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So I heard you like armpits.
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Finally manga for men of culture.
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Truly a masterpiece.
That looks very irritated and painful. Not arousing at all

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Come on anon you can do better
Nice can't wait to see how it will go.
But where is Shiage in the picture ?
It has only 2/3 protagonist for S3
>No Shiage, who is literally at the forefront in S3
>No Kakine, who will be by far the most immediately popular newcomer
Save your celebrations for when those two appear and are given their lines.

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they're not. Every anime automatically becomes better when you have a self-insert male protagonist. Especially if its a harem show.

nobody likes this lesbian shit
But Luluco is straight as shit.
Guys are boring as shit

Pro tip: No one would care about this series if not for Evangelion.
Prove me wrong.
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I cared for Miki's ass.
Did somebody say Evangelion?
Is it nice?

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Why is Haruhi pretending to be cute?
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She's god, she can be whatever the fuck she wants, she doesn't need to pretend.
proto-post satire of moe culture and ideological subversion of patriarchal Japan
If she feels like being cute, then she will be

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Besides Garou and Boros, is there a monster that's stronger than Black Sperm / Golden Sperm?
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Bullshit. Orochi is literally a patsy. Psykos is the real leader of MA, and Sperm is far more powerful than she is.
Hobo emperor would roast this protein slut

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Manipulative Trash.webm
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ITT: Garbage that idiots cried to.
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Haha, OP is mad that he cried because of an anime.
What is Clannad After Story?
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>being so buttmad about your post being ignored that you make a whole thread about it

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