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Everyone forgot about this shitty show already. Still wait for her route. No sales. S2 never.
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Kyoko best Seiren.
Ayatsuji best Amagami.
Seiren was a shameless attempt to milk the Amagami cow, I'm so glad it backfired.
I would rather take Slutneki and Kaoru.

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You need to hire an adventurer, so the guild recommends you these fellows.

Who do you hire and why?
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>Let me try really hard to make all these people seem like they could not freaking function in a guild system, but let me make them all part of it anyway
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Oh no, suddenly they raping that girl in broad daylight!
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SAC is a watered down kid friendly version of GITS compared to the original.
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Mammary Oishi's movie is completely different from the manga.

SAC/SolidState is closer to the manga. Though sanitized of Shirow-ness for tv.
Not really the movie is just Oshii doing his usual thing. SAC is closer to the original manga and does not lack in complexity of ideas or plot, compared to the movie, not really aimed at kids.

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Do You Remember Love?
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Ah, ah. Minmay a shit.
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The perfect girl doesn't exi-
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>retarded ADD slut
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no bully

The author of Umaru manga confirmed that s2 got greenlit because of merch sales.
How does it make you feel /a/?
The BD sales were decent too(4k average), but still.
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A win is a win, who cares how we got there.
Stalkerfags on suicide watch.
Good news in that merch matters a lot.

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What did he mean by this?
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He means american style, now please delete the thread.
He wants to hug you
People in the west do not take their shoes off when entering a house.

Time for Moguro to fill that hole in your heart.
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i believe he is the devil
Will there be an episode about an otaku and his waifu?
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The episode is basically Bitches and Whores.

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3x3 thread
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Apply yourself.
I'll never understand why people liked Another, it was the worst anime I've seen.
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Favorite: Hellsing Ultimate
Least Favorite: Another

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Finally a screening here in Norway
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no way
Saw it in Chicago last week. It was really good. Definitly one Shinkai's best films.
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Why is this legal?
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Because it's the thinking man's fetish.
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People with corruption/moral degeneration fetishes are the fucking worst, man.
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Begone, corruption.

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Does anyone watch dubs? I find it weird that anime dubbing is as big as it ever has been but no one as far as I can tell watches dubs, like who is the audience for this shit? Even autists on reddit watch shit subbed. Who in the fuck is supporting the dub industry?
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Surprisingly enough they are more popular than you think, especially with kids in middle and high school. Also dubs now are much more well produced than in the early-mid 2000's and leagues above the pre-2000 shit show. Most dubs now are passable at the very least.

I only know this because my little brother is in middle school and whenever I visit home he is watching simuldubs on funimation
It's weird, some dubs air a few episodes after the subbed episodes start.
Phone users. I stream dubs on my phone in bed because it's harder to read on the phone and harder to fall asleep with subs.

Belly dancing thread? Belly dancing thread. Or just navels in general.

PS: Ayano shaking her tits and hips made me cum like a fucking geyser
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inb4 gargantia

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ITT : Pure girl
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Best girl of the series. Even main girl was worse. Uka's and aneki's romance was better

>when the mc gets upstaged so hard she gets written out of her own series.

Is she autistic?
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You could take her out of 'Nam, but not 'Nam out of her.
Nah, she's just young
She's 7 and have 0 kids her age around.

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