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this anime is fucking stupid
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u mean genius
The palette is so horrible. It kill my boner.
well spotted mr holmes

finally, best girl returns
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Why is kaburaugi so shit?

ITT: best girls in their respective series
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lolis should not have big bewbs
Oppai lolis are literally the best

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Is Mugi lifting with her back or her legs?
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That's some clear leg lifting

Swole-swole time.
She's not lifting the box, she's putting it down. The lifting is the reversed part.

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Is Sagiri a 10?
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She's 174 cm
No, she's 12.
She's a pervert.

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BD sales was good right? and even if not, merchandise should've sold a lot right?
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5 months
ASAP, if for no other reason than to trigger the Houki-hater.
>It's been 4 years since season 2

I need more Kanzashi.

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What's your favorite anime girl underwear?
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>***,**3位/***,**3位 (*25,519 pt) [*,116予約] 2017/04/26 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 1 [Blu-ray]
>***,**5位/***,**5位 ○ (*20,977 pt) [*,*44予約] 2017/04/26 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 1 [DVD]
>***,*20位/***,*22位 (*10,404 pt) [*,*32予約] 2017/04/26 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 1 (Box Set with a poster and codes and everything, a bundle really) [Blu-ray]
>***,*57位/***,*58位 ○ (**5,139 pt) [*,**7予約] 2017/04/26 】GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 1 (Another box set, but the DVD copy) [DVD]


Guys, how do we stop this.

It's barely even been out and available.
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It can't be helped
Mobage cancer is not only killing japanese videogames, but anime as well.
There's nothing you can do really

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What was the main theme and message of Kill la Kill?
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You are what you wear if you dress like shit you're probably shit.
Women can be sexy and kick ass
Ryuko was built for breeding.

What's your preferred way of reading manga digitally? I ask because I have been reading manga on a widescreen monitor and it sucks too much for me to bear any longer.

I'm considering in buying a cheapy iPad off of craigslist to view manga on a portrait display, though I could buy a desktop monitor which can be rotated in portrait (but I want to read manga on the go). Reading manga on a phone is a disgrace since the display is too small to let me enjoy the illustrations on each page.

Dante Must Die Mode: Don't say you're preferred method is 'physical'. Yes, your full collection of official Berserk mangas are wonderful and beautiful and all that. Not all of us were born into wealthy families though...
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I just use my laptop, the double pages kinda get annoying though.
My local library has a pretty good collection of manga so i can say my preferred method is physical while also being a poorfag
I read it raw, buy it at my local konbini on my way to class.

Monbukagakusho scholarship recipient here.
i also bought a tablet for manga but even though the screen size is larger than actual magna, i'm too used to the size of a widescreen monitor to use it. good luck op

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Skypiea overall is still the best One Piece arc.

Prove me wrong.

You can't.
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Water 7 + Ennies Lobies is actually the best.

Just consider it for a bit.
-Art was phenomenal
-Ussop vs Luffy
-Robin shit
-Franky shit
-Government shit
-We're breaking into the government island with a fucking train
-Buster Call
-Motherfucking Merry rescue

Seriously it was fucking amazing.
I mean Skypiea was also great and the flashback was fun but W7+ Ennies Lobies was absolutely fantastic.
this anon knows his shit
thus again OP being a fag for fags sake.
>"Sogeking, shoot that flag."
>"I'm the hunter."

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What are y-you looking at, anon?
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Your nice fat tits.
A lesbian.
Fresh meat.

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Is there any hope from an ouchy-youth?

"Suddenly, people started calling me 'trash'. That was way too rude from those brats... I may not be strong or powerful, but at least I'm stronger than old people, women or kids!"
"Let me tell you a secret: that's quite rubbish."

Akihito Sayama, a perfect loser of a high school student that exerts all his efforts to stand in the way of the winner-type people, and Kaori Onodera, a cold-hearted blizzard-like lethargic girl who had retired from club activities that explore the reasons why people experience hurt.
After school, the two of them were called by Sayoko Fujisaki, a middle-class girl who mysteriously follows a life of volunteerism.

"I am a volunteer of justice who has come to help you, Akihito and Kaori. I will do my very best. Ahem."

Her out-of-this-world speech felt repulsive, yet Sayama and Onodera find themselves involved with "rescue" activities in a special student consultation room where Fujisaki acts as its room monitor. And it seems that the two would meet students at school with problems and, with Fujisaki, would deal with their troubles...?

Even so, it's not like we needed any help about it.

To those "interested", that's the intro for not!Oregairu, featuring not!Hachiman and not!Yukino.
Gotta feel relieved that this kind of story doesn't happen way too often, but the premise alone is hilarious.
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For those of you who didn't quite yet garble as many dicks as OP had, the title is Seishun Zettai Tsubusuman na Ore ni Sukuihairanai.
Wow, it's exactly like Oregairu. In that it's shit.

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What do you think of this?
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I watched two episodes and then watched knights of cydonia
Top tier girls, shame about the localization
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What do you think of this?

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that's sad
you made me sad
now i am sad
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Good night, our sweet princess.
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You will be missed.

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