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How did this design get post the production stage?

How many people had to have signed off on this design and what does it say about Code Geass S3?
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Special KMF designs have been extremely hit-or-miss since R2, but yeah, the Vercingetorix plumbed new depths of outlandishness.
That's a pretty sweet design, the only bad part is its weapon

A sweet way to give the pilot brain damage, maybe.

>Inuyashiki 079 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Thanks friend, been looking forward to this.
Just read the wikipedia article for this, looks good, should I read?
Yeah, I'd recommend it. Seems to be heading for an ending soon though; might wanna hold off a couple months if you're a binge reader.

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Your loli is angry

What you do, anon
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Give her the V.
that bitch be thirsty AF
This >>156343635, Mimika need to stop with the self-denial and drown in /ll/ glory already.

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How about a good ol fashioned best girl thread
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is the ponytail
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18 year old Yuna.png
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I love Yuuki Yuuna so so so so much! I don't see how it's possible to watch the show and not fall completely in love with her!
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Yuuna is dum.

Posting real best girl.

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ITT: Where it should have ended
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Not even memeing, but I think Nisekoi is a genuinely tragic story. He could have spent his life with a beautiful, heartwarming person, but instead ended up with that... thing.
I don't see the appeal of Chitoge. I really don't.
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But he did end up with a beautiful heartwarming person, a person he wanted.
>Not even memeing
I don't believe you. I really don't.
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ging and gon.png
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Chapter 20 - Love Game

Ace resumes her match.
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Do you have a link?

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get you're fucking germs away from me
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Ping Pong.jpg
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Did someone say?!

Is this the worst fanbase?
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That's GuP.
I think you both just picked something you personally have an issue with
how can it get worse than yaoi and fujoshits? isn't gup about lolis in tanks? haven't watched it

What was the best anime of Winter and why was it Maidragon?
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My favourite was small witches
I already forgot about that show. Didnt really have much staying power. Im sure something else will easily replace it next season
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Of course this tanoshii anime

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Remember her?
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My dick will never forget.
I remember nanko
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>cute design that set her apart from the fodder + hints of supernatural powers
>haha just kidding she's just as irrelevant as the rest of the cast, have some more homo angst and retarded CG "monsters"

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Can someone explain the appeal of Chunni characters to me? Characters like Satania, Megumin are both insanely popular on this board even though they're extremely one-dimensional loli characters.
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Are they chuuni or loli characters? Make up your mind
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They're just great
Fun loving girls with a sense of adventure, and very interesting to talk to, with a lot of creativity and fantastic sense of style
/a/ relates to autism.

what's his fucking problem?
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It's hinted that it was bad parenting.
Does it really matter?
Being a bully victim.

Why the fuck haven't you watched any Youkai Watch?
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It wasnt very good, specially the bits with the ugly chick with glasses
There were some pics that made me interested to check it out.
Unfortunately they weren't representative of the show as a whole.
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fumi stamp.jpg
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The show has honestly gone stale as of the third game's release, and there's not much new content that's really intriguing to join back to. It's always the same jokes no matter what: Keita abuses Yokai powers, VADER MODE, etc. You really cannot enjoy the current state of the show unless you're a fan who actively plays the games.

It's quite a shame, because I thought the first season was quite funny and well-animated compared to now.

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What exactly makes Neverland such a fantastic piece of literature?
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>that art
What's wrong with her eyes?

What's the point of even making this anime if none of the popular characters will appear?
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It's a commercial, only to introduce people to the world.
O shit, and here I was hoping I could read the doujins by just watching the anime.
Is the game translated?
you can play it in english but you have to use google chrome

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