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Ayano was a good girl.

Kagepro thread? Discuss the songs you liked or whatever. There's also a new anime announced.

Starting off with 透明アンサー
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Ayano is a bitch.
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I'll kill you
If the MC had manned up and fugged her she probably wouldn't have felt like dying was the only solution

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Its an Ant, it doesn't matter. Alluka is much more contentious anyway.

Also thinly veiled HxH thread?

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Feature films in competition at Annecy 2017, the biggest animation festival in the world and considered more important than the Academy Awards by animation connoisseurs
>Animal Crackers by Tony Bancroft and C Scott Sava (USA)
>A Silent Voice by Noako Yamada (Japan)
>Big Fish & Begonia by Xuan Liang and Chun Zhang (China)
>In This Corner of the World by Sunao Katabuchi (Japan)
>Ethel and Ernest by Roger Mainwood (United Kingdom)
>Have a Nice Day by Jian Liu (China)
>Lu Over the Wall by Massaki Yuasa (Japan)
>Loving Vincent by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh >Welchman (Poland, United Kingdom)
>Tehran Taboo by Ali Soozandeh (Austria, Germany)
>Zombillenium by Arthur de Pins (France)

Do you think Japan will win considering they occupy 3/10 spots? Yuasa and Science Saru have quite the reputation.
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Fuck those spelling errors, I just copied and pasted the list from cartoonbrew
>>A Silent Voice by Naoko Yamada (Japan)

This is huge for Yamada and KyoAni
Of course there'll be more attention and shitposting about muh oscars even though this one has more diversity and legitimacy in the animation circle.

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Does anyone know what her character archetype is?
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is she worth watching the 2nd season for?

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Which one would you fuck?
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Whichever one likes blue the most.
me on the right looking at my bff
Me on the right thinking about how all this sitting about tweeting is meaningless.

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>he's a tomoshitter
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>Implying people wouldn't hate Watamote S2 AKA Tomoko and Friends
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>he's a fan of an anime that will NEVER have a season 2.

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What the hell was his problem?
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Just a bad recycled plot device.
He wanted to go back to the Digital World.
He was in the second season.

Buyfag Thread
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You have the best taste.
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how low can I expect the twins to bin?

anyone ever been tricked into finishing a terrible anime?

I watched this shit all the way through 12 hours wasted.
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>nonstop talking about completely meaningless shit unlike bakemonogatari which actually tells you a lot about each character though expansive dialog and visits philosophical themes
>you can instantly scale a character in power by how cute they are because subverting tricking people into thinking a character is weak because they're cute when their actually the most powerful character will totally work a fourth time.
>his sister dying had no emotional impact on me because she was so annoying that I was looking forward to it
>protags girlfriend was so shallow and talked so much shit that I didn't give a fuck when she died either. her dying monolog was okay at best
>last episode which was hyped up to be one of the best anime finale's of all time was so stupid a laughed out loud.
oh yeah you have powers like lady luck from mgs2 oh well I'll just shoot a nail on a door and it will totally bounce of and hit you and I figured this would work in half a second and it actually did,

why is it that everywhere you look there is praise for this pile of shit.
it wasn't even enjoyable. it's like shitty modern day monogatari with the long dialogs that bore you and leave you feeling cheated at the end when you find out it was meaningless and have no significance with added pointless deaths of characters you've only had 5 minutes to get to know.

yeah I totally feel bad for that ninja dude who talked about settling down with some chick but not henchman 575 on the protags killing spree on his way to kill the shogun for no reason.
white album
Did someone have a gun to your head or what?

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hong kong phooey
I don't want no trabbu.

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Is anime mainstream or popular in your country?

Or is it unknown/obscure hobby?
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Why do you care?
here it's like jerking off in the living room

it's understandable to enjoy it, but still isn't really something you let people know intentionally
It could get you into serious trouble legally just owning it here

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Will marathoning this help me get over my depression?
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No, but the episode of that videogame nerd coming out of his house will give you some hope I guess.

just the opposite

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Are we looking forward to this?
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Are traps gay?
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Just finished Angelic Layer's anime. Overall, I enjoyed it; Ichiro was my favorite character. I didn't like how much it dragged and reiterated things so often and several of its characters had nothing to them but it was overall fine, with a decent opening and incredible first ED. How does it differ from the manga and how do you all feel about it? I hardly see it brought up here and there are basically no threads for it on any if the archive sites.
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Worst mother ever.
Also, do the different versions of Chobits connect to it in the same way or do they have varying degrees of connection to it?
She got forgiven too easily but I wouldn't say she's worse than mothers like Ragyo.

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RIP Japan's birthrate if this keeps on going.
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I would buy one desu senpai
Can you fuck it?
human size?

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