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Name ONE good shounen heroine.

Or rather, do they even exist?
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Gotcha senpai.
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Who /teppu/ here?
Please tell me I'm not the only person who read this
I need more Natsuos and wide grinned Manamis
anyone else feel this feel?
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Nah man, Teppuu threads were kinda big here, when it was still being released.
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I think you mean Cameron Diaz.
tfw too late to the party

Is this a masterpiece?
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Pretty much. But that word is bait around here so lets not call it taht.
Yes, even if you're baiting. Enjoy the (You)s.

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Any new information on this? Will it be an OVA series done in monthly episodes or what? Has Actas said anything about it? Any new promotional material or information at all?
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GuP - Final is going to be a series of movies?
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Other that the key visual(pic related) and this news,


There's no new update on it so far.

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I like these kinds of threads so let's get one going
Easy one to start

>Final Destination the anime
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One woman furthers the stereotype of college girls being sexually into dogs.

>Horny bitch pees on the floor
>female harem with a loli ayylamo

Kurapika > Killua > Gon > Leorio
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Leorio > Killua > Gon > Kurapika
ive never seen such terrible taste. Kurapika is easily the most interesting character. The only thing that sucks about him is that he was written out of the best arc of the series, while his own arc was the second best.
At least hes a part of the dark continent arc which is probably gonna be as long as the chimera ant arc because of how large the actual area is and how much plot can come out of it
Kurapika >= Gon > Leorio > Killua

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Only watched the first episode. What's up with the fucked up colours? Did they draw this anime while getting high on LSD?
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It's called art.
im pretty sure mindgame is what happens when you try to draw anime and youre on lsd.
>making everything some blurred mess without outer lines that cause nausea and having unmoving background textures ripped off from bathroom tiles so you can be even more lazy passes as art these days

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Can we talk about this?
I just read all the available chapters and honestly I'm speechless. It's a rollercoaster that never fucking stops.
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Probably one of my favorite manga, desu. I'd wish it were sold out here in the US but I'd imagine whoever got the rights would just fuck up the translation somehow.
Idiots call it edgy garbage without actually reading and realizing it is the ultimate black comedy.
>tfw France is the most weaboo country in the world so we get a shitload of stuff

I'm planning on buying eveything as soon as I can.

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What makes her girl crush on Kanna so strong?
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Dragon feromones
Dragon pussy
Kanna subconsciously gives off mating signals

How are you preparing for best girl anime?
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sticking earthworms up my urethra while burning omlettes
Do rinfags ever get tired of this same insult? Jesus have some originality or maturity
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Can't wait to experience Shirou abandoning his borrowed ideals to save the girl he's in love with.

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Cutest JC
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Yes, one of the two cutest.
Does anyone actually say joshi chuugakusei?
Well, even the Japanese get tired of typing all that, reason why they started using JS, JC and such.

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What the fuck was up with old anime? Why did it look so bad compared to modern anime?
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Never mind that, why is /a/ so shitty?
We being raided aren't we

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Who is the smuggest girl of 2017?
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takagi san

she's the smuggest girl of the year, all years
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ITT: characters who /a/ universally dislikes.
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I like her fine though
No you don't.
She's cute, at the very least.

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Are there any groups planning on translating this? We need more loli dragon cuteness.
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Kanna is for fug
My dick will translate her thighs if you know what I mean
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