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Left or right?
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both desu , ik it's a hard choice but i had to make one

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Which girl from the 80's do you want to fuck in the ass?
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That's 90s but I would a minnie may.
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>[Evil_Saizen] Space Brothers #0 [BD][1080p][FEFD68E5]
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Whats the movie about? Since S2 never, the mood to watch this one is pretty much gone.
Seconded. Tell me more about it, OP.
There'll be a season 2 one day
They're just waiting till they have 100 episodes of material to adapt again I hope

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Quit it.png
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Hell yeah boys, could this be good?

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This is how Miura is wriggling out of finishing Berserk.
And it will have illustrations in CG and cover in 3D like these mousepads, eh Satan?
>First there was NICE BOAT
>Then there was CLANG
>Now there's a fucking Light Novel
With all the shit flags this series is raising, can we finally acknowledge that Berserk stopped being goood after the Golden Age? I wouldn't be surprised if it's retroactively revealed that Guts was a Japanese salaryman who was sent to an alternate world all along.

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>reading romance manga
>watching romance anime

I hope the grown men on this board seriously don't do this
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No problem, I don't.
There are no grown men here, only little girls with the souls of manchildren.
I always hope grown men don't create shit threads on this boards and here we are.

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ITT: anime with god tier dubs
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the thing with dubs, good or not, is they all use the same damn voice actors, watch more than 6 and it gets old real fast.
i only bother when im watching something shit so i can turn my brain off and do something else at the same time.
i tend to watch gundam dubs because they arent bad and then i can mald gunpla at the same time.
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check 'em
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Subs > Dubs > Dubtitles

Ideally Dubs in your natural language should be the best that that rarely ever happens.

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This is neither funny nor is there a proper romantic sub plot. At least tora Dora was good in the beginning and then went to shit but this show is just straight up dull. What the hell am I missing here? How is this popular?
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>What the hell am I missing here?
a sense of humor.
>This is neither funny
Uh did you post the wrong pic by mistake or did you forget to say pic unrelated
nice bait. Blue Chiyo

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smell of a girl.png
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Well, /a/?
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No but the sharp smell of a guy does.
what do girls smell like?

Salty coins and milk.

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That's a nice loli you have there. It would be a shame if she were to be restrained, drugged, made to piss herself, and then shot.
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I want to cuck Minnie C.'s dead husband. She has an insane body and her voice is pure sex.
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Sana reminds me of my cute daughter (pic related). People need to stop bullying them.
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You think I am a pedo?

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Find a worse loli (count voice acting)
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Nico nii
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She did great for being a literal child

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Did she shave or simply just isn't old enough?
How old is she btw?
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shave probably
Shame, bush is better.
Anime girls don't have pubes because showing pubes makes it porn for crazy Japanese censorship.
They're all hairless for no reason because anime logic.

>ywn mating press sagiri
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Is this big kanna?
You will never do the mating press to her because she's my wife.

Kill yourself for watching this show.

who's stronger gogeta or vegetto?
why and how? intrigued now that vegettos not a permafusion anymore.
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SS Vegetto > SS Gogeta. Earrings be magic son.
Potara Earrings are >> Fusion Dance by the Old Kai's statement.

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Whats the concensus on this?

just finishied the manga
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and now fuck off
its shit.

now fuck off
It's shit

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate it.
Used to like it
Now I'm bored of it.
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choo choo

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