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I kind of didn't expect that response.
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This page was pointless unfortunately
I also didn't expect that insanity known as the spear hero gaiden to have a manga adaptation already.
Shame nobody is translating it. yet.

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Why are there so many Nausuverse threads recently? Is Fate/Apocrypha just making the Fatefags come out of the woodworks.
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Yep. You are right. Suck our dicks and enjoy the ride
And the HF movies.
And the Extra anime.
And the NA FGO release.
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Probably not just that. This year is just Fate's year. Just look at the C92 circles. It's not at Kancolle or Touhou levels but damn, is that some improvement.

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A bully gets a happy ending. Why is this allowed?
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Kids do dumb shit. He tried to become a better person, unlike you
It's just like in real life. Bullies are the ones who live the happiest lives.
>Ueno got a happy ending
Yea, still trying to figure this out

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I want to punch Louise in the face
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I'll get the brass knucks.
I want to pound her pussy until she shits the bed.
We all do

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Which are the bad sub groups?

Which are the good ones?
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HorribleSubs is the only good sub group.
Haven't followed it in a long time but I remember Hadena is your bread and butter shitsub group and Asukasubs had a few bad releases then accepted the criticism a little. SHiN-gx has subtle troll subs with good typesetting.

There are no good subs.
Good: Anon
Bad: Cartelshit

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Which elemental fairy would you?
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whichever does the most butt stuff
Air without a doubt
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I'll have Sento instead

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Why are office cakes the best cakes?
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Why would a cake be anything other than an office cake?
They have to support themselves
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All cakes are best.
Reminder that cakes are EXPIRED GOODS. There's a reason they have been left on the shelf for so long.

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Hi /a/

Just got done watching Elfen Lied on Netflix. I dug it, much of the horror was very well done and the character relationships are exceptionally strong, though the ending felt a bit rushed.

What does /a/ think of it?
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Oh boy, here we go.
Oh god is it a meme? Apologies, I'm new here.
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Nonon is the best girl trigger has ever made. Debate.
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Nah, Akko (TV series) is. She brightens the mood, follows her dreams, uses her magic for good and for happiness, and has a much tighter pussy than pink grammy up there.
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Nonon isn't even best girl in Kek la Kek
Even Nonon would disagree with you.

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is it worth the price?
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Top 10 anime alcoholics
Not canon
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It should have been

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ITT songs that were far better than the series they were from.
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I also liked the OP of the movie
the rest of the movie was some sort of horrible cash in that makes me confused to this day but the songs were nice. You better just mean the movie though.
The movie was a total disaster
Or pretty much any Angel Beats song other than Marina's songs.

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New Gundam build fighters OVA SOON.

It takes place before TRY and is going to be about the gunpla mafia crashing an exhibition event with custom GMs. And best of all that hack Watada isn't directing this one.

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Where is Aila?
In another world making a daughter with Reiji. Who knows though, given at the end of the TRY OVA she shows up and they obviously have some way to move back and forth between worlds again maybe at the end of this OVA they show how they reestablish that connection. There were hints that Aila and Reiji were back in TRY as well.
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It's out.

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Toradora was a good anime
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If you say so, I dropped that shit after episode ~2(?), I can't remember I was watching it when it aired.
What are we missing by not watching it?

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Annie and Pieck are sisters, her full name is Pieck Leonhart. You may not like it but that´s how it is till Isayama make me look like a fool.
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They would be wonderful sisters, but I don't see that happening. I wouldn't be opposed to it though.
>Pieck Hoover
How would you feel if she was his cousin and she had to left Bert to die?
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Any anime MC's smarter than Rick Sanchez my dudes?

What do the japs think about shows like Rick and Morty /a/?

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They don't even know it exists[/spoiler
I don't know, but I know I'm getting fucking tired of seeing it posted on /a/.
There is actually a Japanese dub.

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