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Is it true that in shoujo anime, the mc's have rape fantasies?
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>rape fantasies
This isn't Pol.
by rape fantasies do you mean doing the rape or getting raped?
Fucking delete that picture you motherfucker

Post anime whose dubs was better than the subs (at least for english audiences)
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Oh fuck you. That shit is horrible.
These dubs are better than any sub

Hey guys

I know we don't agree on things too often, but can we at least agree that this is the single worst character in all of fiction?
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That's not Sorata nor Ghost Banri.
No, only Kirinofags trying to deflect from the fact that Kirino is the worst try to paint Manami as being bad.
At the very least, she's one of the ugliest.

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get it?.jpg
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Evolution is a mystery
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The paperclip isn't naturally there.
It's NOT a fucking paperclip you berry faced asshole. Don't you ever insult her again. She's twice the man you'll ever be!
Dogs cannot impregnate humans

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Why is manga such a poor medium for horror?
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a) its cartoons and therefore hard to self insert
b) they lack audio queues
c) cartoons generally are horrible at it, there isnt a single anime that should have an effect on you that is equal to a horror movie
Books do horror well and there's no audio queues.
books are also left to your imagination

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flaming homo.jpg
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>Father issues
>Revolves around the idea of his mother
>Is jealous of girls
>He is only able to value, appreciate and admire male figures
>Lots of female friends because he doesn't try anything lewd with them
>Obsessed with his male friend

Is Eren the most un-intentional well developed homosexual character in a shonen manga?
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he's asexual
Just autism
Not really even if those points you listed were valid.

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Anime that is better dubbed
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Honestly there are so many male anime protags that sound like girls. It's so jarring to me how so many female voice actors take the roll of male characters

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Why is old anime so gory?
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It sold then.
File: GenocyberOuch.gif (2MB, 331x245px)Image search: [Google]
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Because gore is awesome. Also, part of the appeals of OVAs was that nothing was off limit. Creators did'nt have to worry about the restrictive sensibilities of the average viewer and could just do what ever they wanted, what they wanted to do was revel in the beauty of flesh being torn apart.
It's mostly OVAs that were like that. Same reason HBO originals and the like are gored up and sexed up, because they could get away with it and it sells.

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Name one (1) better bro than Nakane
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To have friends is to be weak... when will you ever learn.........
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Name one (1) better manga than Kurosawa
Oh,sorry.I thought this was a thread where we ask people to do impossible things.

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Where were you when you realized Senkuu was an absolute madman?
At ch2.

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if I spray her with weed-b-gonĀ® will she die?
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If I spray you with Fag-B-Gone, will you turn straight?
What's up with the flowers? Why does she dismiss people when they ask about them?

They aren't real, but she must be crazy.

File: DIC430AUAAAJ96v.jpg:large.jpg (143KB, 640x1048px)Image search: [Google]
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and she's off
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shit chapter
>She's in her limo
>Not with Tomo and Jun
This has been drawn out for long enough.
wait for the tl before judging you bigot

File: 2017-08-25_01.44.23.jpg (128KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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What are your thoughts on diversity in anime?
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Blacks look overly exaggerated.
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gangsta alex.jpg
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First, fuck off /pol/

Second, if it's written well and makes sense I'm all for it. Japan is pretty much a monoculture so I know their token black characters aren't for representation but rather for the story itself, like that black Russian guy in Durarara.

Also brown anime chicks are usually hot
>Transfer student from Okinawa

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>Old art styles were sooo much better
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Looks like a bag of mashed assholes.
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wtf is this shit.jpg
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are you even trying?
Why do people always act like Saber Marionette was representative of 90s art?

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Is Machi /a/'s favorite JC?
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Not sure, maybe you should post more.
The show wasn't particularly popular, no.
That is a rather lewd armpit.

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