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>lulz, btw you're dammed for eternity
Slowpoke, I know, but... that was kind of a downer end.
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There are some extra chapters but only 5-6 and they're also a bunch of downers too.

Prunus Girl is almost exactly like this if you want some more
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>making pacts with devils
>ever ending well
I'll break the spoonfeeding rule because I know google is shit for mango-crops.

Himitsu No Akuma Chan

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Nothing is on schedule for streams.moe.
Where are we watching Haruhi this Christmas?
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A bit early for that isn't it? I'm sure there'll be some stream wherever.
I'm paranoid no one will run one, so I just wanna know so I can check how to incase
It happens every year anon.

This was actually pretty good for a battle harem series.
>MC is not a spineless beta and actually competent
>Tsundere main girl is not a terrible tsundere and has cute dere moments
>Other girls are top tier
>Great OST and OP/ED sequence
>Beautiful setting
>Even the side characters are great
>Both the anime and LN art is pretty

Season 3 when?
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i want a season about kiring-chan and saya doin awesome stuff together. or the vampire twins.
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Remember that time when best girl straight up offered him sex and he ran away. So alpha that mc.
Is there any good battle harem? and I don't mean compared to the rest.

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Series you've fapped to without watching a single episode.

If you watched an episode or the whole serie at some point after fapping to it, it counts too!
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Put down your keyboard and go to a bar for god's sake.
The fact that there are anons on /a/ right now who have masturbated in their lives disgusts me to no end.
/a/ is supposed to be pure.
I literally make love to certain Ritsu Tainaka doujinshi, it implies timing and some Hans Zimmer music.

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accel computer.jpg
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Nobody else can literally beat accel when he's in full loli protection mode.
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When he levels up to lvl 6, nobody will even be able to scratch him except Touma.
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Touma could.

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I want to kill those fucking cunts
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Yui a shit.
No you
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i will marry this cunt

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Reminder this is what he said
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Gendo was the true villain.
No one knows, save for Anno, what he really said.
Yes, but because it was THE central theme of the entire series, and the only thing that really made sense in context. Not because of some nerds sitting in their room with printed out screenshots and string going WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEEAN

I'm talking about Evageeks

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the chimera ants did this too dumbass

if you get hit with nen, it becomes so much easier to learn it
I hope she dies a painful death.

What kind of slut wears panties like these?
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A cute slut.
A slut that likes comfy panties.
the best kind

It is time. Let us go Adam's dark shadow, servant of the Lilim
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Best boy
Vacuous, incipid, pandering garbage for pedophiles.
there is literally nothing wrong with wanting to fuck Asuka

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I never noticed it but kid Gohan is pretty cute.
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teen gohan is cuter
>named after his grandfather
>wears his 4 star ball
It's very nice
Kid Goku too. Toriyama has always been great at drawing cute.

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>ywn go on a date with seiba
why live
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Rin is better
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Seiba a shit


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Everything is running smoothly.
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oh you silly androgynous bisexual upside down floating bloodsugarsexmagikal sexy beast you

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Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.
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I'll destroy that illusion of yours

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what's this exogularity thing? I've only read until chronicles 02
"Abandoned One's Revenge"- A group of those who were destroyed for their faith when they fulfilled their duty as insurance in the wake of a certain incident used the BETA in a plan to wipe out mankind for revenge.

"Heartless One's Strike Back"- Taking advantage of the results of a certain large event, a group wanting to regain lost standing uses the results of their secret research, a corps of BETA senjutsuki, to plunge humanity into chaos.

Elpis-class jump-capable space mothership- 8800m, mankind's largest battle-ready jump-capable starship. Basically a warping self-sustaining war-ready city-state. Capable of jumping on its own without a catapult, though catapults are necessary for fulfilling missions in deep space like in other galaxies within a realistic timespan. Has large-scale self-sustaining life support functions which means that even with its entire crew of several dozen thousands is awake it can still function as a generation ship.

Phase space transport catapult Fomalhaut- Labelled as a "Gate" in the last chapter of the comic to simplify things for readers. Actually a long range jump catapult using the results of research on element G. Does not require a gate on the other side. Though this sounds like it being a one-way trip, ships can construct modular catapults on the other side to come back. Catapults have authorisation processes and self-destruct mechanisms to prevent use by enemies.

Sirius-class jump-capable starship- 2880m. Has high capabilities in battle, exploration and life support, and a single ship is said to be equal to two companies (24) of Hercules-classes in terms of assault power. 24 of these ships escort the envoy fleet to the Siliconian home planet.

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What happens next?
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Asanagi made a doujin that reveals what happens, it's canon to
they have an emotionally fulfilling, kosher, totally platonic time
I see a lot of hentai about male Orks raping girls but I have never seen female Orks getting raped by humans or elves. It's disturbing the lack of submissive female ork hentai.

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