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What's the status of your waifu if she dies by the time her series/movie is over?
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Not real. So... same as before.
This, she can never die so she was never alive to begin with, therefore I submit to you anons,
Are waifu's the secret to immortality?
How do we aquire it? Is there enough for all of us, or must we kill eachother now?
pretend shinji brought somehow her back to life in instrumentality
also great taste, thanks for picking the superior option C

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Is it just me or did Death Note turn in to complete shit halfway through? I started this series less than a week ago and was in love, but now I can't even sit through 5 minutes of it without getting pissed at how unbelievably bad the writing has gotten and how bland and uninspired the recently added characters have been. I mean if you're going to get rid of a good character, why not replace him with a character that isn't the exact same thing but less interesting?
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L dying was a down grade.
Light and L cat and mouse were the best, yeah. Near and Mello were pretty awful
Near and Mello are pleb filter

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How do you deal with post-series depression?
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You read the manga, faggot
realize I'm not a weeb and don't get depressed
You move on to something else because the void needs to be filled

How do you feel about fanservice in anime at this point?
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It's good if it's creative and suited to the mood

It's bad if it's cliche and unsuited to the mood
Ambivalent. I like titties, but most fanservice heavy shows are shit.
It's cheap, lazy and ultimately drags the medium down.

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Why don't you like Minmay?
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Because she's still in the worst girl from any Macross. She's a crazy bitch, only out for herself, and has incestuous tendencies.
Because she is obsolete in the current era.
Because my heart was stolen by Excalibur-chan

is manhua good?
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Yeah, it can be.

But for like 99% of it, you really have to be into manly tears SUPER ching chong shit.

...Which I am.

or a fujoshit for the super attractive boys and shipping.


which.... i also am.

any recs based on our mutual interests

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Late night K-On thread.

What's your personal favorite episode?
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The last one cause it finally ended
I agree that the final episode was amazing. My personal favorite is S2E14 though
What's there to discuss? The anime has been over for years.

Watch Bang Dream.

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ITT: worst show(s) you have ever seen.
I mean terrible /10
Not just "lol SAO Sucks"
Pic unrelated i guess
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I don't know, I remember a short called Abunai Sisters. I'll probably never find something worse than that.
Kill la Kill

It was a huge stepback from TTGL

Sci-fi / Action / Supernatural/ Seinen manga created by Icori Ando, which is running on Tokuma Shoten's Comic Ryu Magazine.

Synopsis: When a person dies, their soul leaves the body in the form of a butterfly and the body itself rots away quickly after. The "butterfly" is recorded as data for a person's lifespan. 49 days after the "butterfly" leaves the body, it disappears forever.

The Government's Death Bureau Agency job is to collect, freeze and manage those butterflies before they disappear. Using these managed butterflies, the family of the deceased ones can come in contact with the dead in the form of a 3D hologram.

Raws: http://lhscans.com/truyen-butterfly-storage.html
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This thread is a continuation of >>161477115
and >>161324350
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File: BS_File_03_03.png (536KB, 543x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Name a bigger collection of idiots.
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It's comedy, dude. You JUST don't get it. There's nothing wrong with it. YOU'RE the problem for not finding lame Japanese humor funny. Fix yourself, faggot.
>think your girlfriend is cheating with A
>know that A and B hate eachother openly, but they dont really know eachother because if they did theyd realize that they really like the other party since theyve already spend countless hours with them
>instead of telling A and B about this, and secure your own position, you try to hook up A and C and never tell A and B shit
Really smart move, mate.
4D chess m80

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Things will never be the same again.
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Change is for the best.
They're going to fuse together in the end, something like Ardhanarishvara.
______ __ ______ _____

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Why do nips portray ganja and other drugs so badly in anime?
>Smoking and getting shitfaced is Okay in anime
>Marijuana will kill you in seconds
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Literally something written by a 14 years old
I agree, nasu is a hack
because you go to jail at least 1 year if they caught you smoking or with any quantity. drugs are forbidden in asia, and very badly accepted

As much as I love loli Idols I sometimes think they are lewded a bit too much.
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Rika is made to be lewded, though.
they like it and you know it
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I haven't played or watched anything related to [email protected], but I can say for sure that the best idol loli is this girl, her design is as good as shiburin

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>Toradora best romance of all time amirite

Bitches don't know about my Ore Monogatari
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everyone in that picture is a dude.
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Greatest love story ever told reporting in

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A small amount of style shift from previous chapters for the action here. I think it works well personally.
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You think the dude was minerva? not sure what to think desu
I actually expected to start hating this manga after I caught up at like chapter 28, imagining it'd be super slow pace and I'd be dead before I knew anything.

Gotta admit I was wrong, the pacing has been fantastic.

obviously not minerva.

probably an agent for some human resistance force that's using minerva's tools for recruitment.

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