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Lets discuss the dumpster fire that was School Days
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You mean masterpiece?
It was pretty entertaining for a 1 cour show.
You mean the best 2 episode seires?

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Now with more cute autistic bunny.

Also, new episode.
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>Also, new episode.
It's been out for over 6 hours now.
I wanna hug that cute little bundle of PTSD

Have you seen a shota?
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Luccoa is so cute
Did you check in the closet?
I want her to be my mommy.

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Is this an example of a perfect anime? Is Satsuki the best character?
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It's only popular because of the naked girls.

It's far from perfect, but it's a great anime. There's just so much to enjoy. The crazy premise, the action is great, the backround and side characters all get their time to shine, and it all wraps itself up in a neat little package without feeling like it overstays its welcome. I've never watched another anime where I enjoyed the filler as much as I did in KLK, which speaks volumes about how likeable the characters are.

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Has anyone ever noticed how a girl's dominance positively correlates with her bestness but negatively correlates with her chances of winning?
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That seems to also be true for archetypes such as neesans and tomboys, and the opposite for tsundere. We need a proper study done.
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At least they rightfully take what's theirs in doujins.

who is the best girl?("the waifu")
abiru,ai kaga, oora kanako, ookusa, matoi, komori, the others?
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Why was Reiner so surprised? He already knew about Bert's autism. Will Annie care when she finds out?
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Because he thought he was gay for him
Reiner knew both of them since they were five. He wouldn't push Bert to confess if he thought he didn't have a chance.
Reiner is power bottom for Bort, but he only loves Annie.
Reiner is just a fuckbuddy.

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Is this the anime with Why would you do that girl?
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>this show aired 100 years ago
>gradient hair

man this show was strangely upbeat considering it was about a population crunch that leaves public schools abandoned

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pretty loli.png
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Do you guys like pretty lolis? I do, I want to cuddle them.
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Please remind me of her age.
I like little girls too.
They are the cutest!

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Post those who were too pure for this world
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He was kind of scummy though
They all kind of were.

What is it about Yuri that's so magical?
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Sadly it got reduced to mere fanservice, a shadow of its true beauty.
It's the purest form of love.
It's the purest form of love!

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damn Araragi looks like that?
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the regenerative powers keep his body in tip top shape.
That's why all bitches wants a piece of him
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Why did everyone turn fucking gay in 2 years? What is this fucking homo garbage, I didn't sign up for this shit.
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This, i dropped it at episode 11
If you are busy being a homosexual you aren't killing people
They all become straight again at the end.

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What are /a/'s thoughts on Dorohedoro?
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Good shit, super good shit, but nobody ever talks about it because it's generally agreed to be super good shit so we can't fill a thread with shitposting and waifuposting. Please don't do this.
Stopped reading around volume 10 when scanlations super died, haven't gotten around to finishing it since. Its good, the world Q built up is really interesting and fill with alot of characters you love and hate at the same time
my fav. artstyle is great, characters interesting, fresh ideas. just great stuff.

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