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Is /a/ a fan of Initial D?
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I guess not
post eurobeat lyrics if you want an actual thread

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Let's talk about soccer anime, /a/.
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It's that time of the year again /a/nons. We'll be having our roster poll for the Autumn Babby Cup in a few days.
While we're waiting, feel free to suggest players you would like to see in the poll and how you think they should look.

As a few of you might have noticed, the entire /a/ council got sacked following Spring. A decent number of /a/nons volunteered to participate in a number of scrimmages to determine who the new manager would be.
If you have any suggestions or complaints for the new management, feel free to head over to the https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//a/ and hit them up.
Inazuma Eleven is fucking retarded. Can't believe it used to be a trend in Japan.

I need to really get around to finishing that. She was cute. Would adopt.

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Why japan? Why? Is there any other anime where they use memes from the net?
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>stream screenshot
Lurk for 2 years before posting and watch more anime.
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>Is there any other anime where they use memes from the net?
There's "MONPEI KITA~" from Amagi Brilliant Park, which was localized to "Soccermom spotted! #Happening"
yeah because that's definitely what she said in japanese.

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Little Witch Academia
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Gets worse and worse with every new episode.
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More like little ded academia amirite?
Just finished it. It was actually... very good.
I was waiting for the moment where Trigger would fuck it, like they did with KLK, but it never happened... There were some pretty bad filler episodes, sure, but overall it actually had decent writing...
Huh... What weird times...

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Why is she so perfect?
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were the scanlines used to save on budget or something?
production time I recall was the answer provided.

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will it ever be topped?
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2011, 2012, 2014, 2016
There's nothing special about 2007 though except for that it was the first year of immediate fansubbing

If you told some nihonjin that 2007 is the greatest year of anime they'd say what? why 2007?
Eromanga-sensei aired this year anon

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Ueno is the epitome of Wa beauty.
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I don't know about this, "epitome" stuff, but I'd pat her head.
Not really there are plenty KyoAni girls that are much better.
I just want to pat her head until it goes on fire.

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what the FUCK am I watching?
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Meme magic in furry form
One of the best anime of the decade.

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So uhhh when do we get back to our cute moeshit and stop with all this dramashit?
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Agree. S2 was a mistake.
The drama is pretty minor and usually gets resolved in a positive way by the end of the episode. Do you want just 23 minutes of mindless empty kumbaya?
When will the ironic weebs leave?

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How to ruin an anime: the character.
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How to kill a franchise: the character.
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How to fix said franchise: the character.
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Also how to make franchise even better: the character

Who do you think doms in bed?
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I'd usually say the dog, but now the answer is 1 0 0 % A G A R I
Doggo, not even a question.
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I want doggo to dom me in bed.

Waku waku.
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Reminder to report and ignore shitposting.
They're going to continue 17's push until sink Super, right?
this is one of the shittiest OPs in a while. but somehow better than many

One Page Thread
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eyeshield 21.jpg
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Kyon-kun, denwa!
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The dawning disappointment when this first came out is unsurpassed in anime
why is she sitting like that?
Why is she in a washing machine?

Raws have been out for several hours now. Subs won't be out until next week and will be even worse than usual.
This week Cheer Fruits go to the beach and Yellow prepares to transfer to Mexico.
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Are they magical girls yet?
They have been Hina Nectar since episode 4.
Anyone else a little sad that after her show was cancelled, burd was recasted in a show where she wasn't animated very well?

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