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Old thread >>156288505
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What is the lastest stuff you have got from buyfagging??

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Latest manga spoilers!

I can't believe he just did this!
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>starting the thread with bait
Yuyafags, everyone.
>exterminating terrorists
Just when I thought he couldn't get any better, truly the best boy.
Ow the edge

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What's keeping you from giving up on anime?
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The few decent ones that come out every now and again, and the hope that as Chinese and Korean Anime grows, the Japanese step up their game.
Why would I give up on something I enjoy?
Having nothing else to do.

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This is your mom for tonight
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Why did they cut out the scene where his friend actually dressed up nice to study with him and changed back into the nerd look when he caught them sleeping together?
>the """strongest"""
>is actually super soft

Where the fuck is her muscle?
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They gotta cut some stuff to reach Sunao's fight chapters (27-30 i think)

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New chapter from the June issue. A nee-san episode.
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Best looking girl by far
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When are there going to be some more Deku x Uraraka scenes in the anime?
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Would he have been a better successor to All Might?
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I want to marry All Might!

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420 Hours left for best girl episode..
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Previous thread deleted. Maybe mods want us to use >>156323249
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>her face when you sing a love song to her
Is Amanda just Costanze's special needs handler?

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Where the HECK is Yama no Susume S3?
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The event last year/ early this year did have anything? Well shit.
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Fuck Kokona

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Less than 24 hours
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Cute pig.
Smug Cow

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More japanise trucks of death lease!
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How did you get this far into fuuka? It was just so fucking bad, the only way I got through it was because of the shitposters on mangahere.
Is there anything lazier than japanese truck of death appearing out of nowhere?
This isn't a truck dealership anon. I doubt anyone here can even lease one out to you.

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Have you guys finally get over the butthurt and gave them your blessing?
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They are both dead so yeah
There wasn't too many people here who wasn't happy with Hinata's win. /a/ actually celebrated for days for her.
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Hinata is so beautiful, she's a goddesses. I love her.

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This page is supposed to be the first page of this chapter and not the last page of the previous one, because I suck. Enjoy.

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Hello Abyss - 32 - "End of a Fierce Fight"

Everyone... is being eaten...


"Riko! Are you safe!?"

"Reg... Nanachi..."

"Are both of you okay?"
"I'm accustomed to the fifth layer's burden... you won't lose consciousness if you can see the force field-"
"...This is a bit bent, I'll fix it later."
"Reg, how's your wound?"

"...Not painful anymore, it's almost scary."
"The blood's solidified, like metal..."

"They mentioned,"
"That pain is also reproduced, then..."

"What is it?"
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"The pain..."
"I feel it on the missing fingers..."

"The phantom pain, huh..."
"That arm... anyway, we need to retrieve it."
"And then... we need to have [whoever] made Reg reattach it..."

"And for that, we can't afford to just twiddle our thumbs."
"Now both of you, we need to prepare our strategy."

"Wait, Nanachi... they are already..."

"Let's go, immediately."

"The white whistle, Bondrewd... just how powerful is he..."

That guy's bad news.
A monster.
Thank you!

Just how overrated is this exactly?
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Between "very" and "extremely".
Fuck Julian. It would've been very good if it wasn't for him. Dammit, if only Kircheis were here.
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>It's another LOGH is overrated thread

Just watch the anime yourself and form your own opinion you mindless drone

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Be honest.
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Thread for those who like Hange
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>implying titan!Eren wouldn't swoop in and catch Levi in his fist king kong style
>implying titan!Eren wouldn't say "S-SORRY HEICHOU" before haphazardly stuffing Levi into his throat so he can have both hands free to fight the othe rshifters
>implying we won't get comical, fanservicy scenes of a drenched Levi bouncing on titan!Eren's tongue, making llewd noises as he hangs onto titan!Eren's uvula for dear life
>implying Levi won't burst out through Eren's teeth once Eren wins the battle

it's happening shitlords, just accept it.
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LAME is lame.

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