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Why are assertive girls so much better than subs? Why don't we get more of them?
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They're not even uncommon, it's just that the MC is usually a fag so nothing ever happens.
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What's with Japan and dickless, beta or faggy MCs? Why is this so common?
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Japs are fags

Face it, NGE is a terrible series. The only thing you actually remember or like is the spectacle of EoE and some of the angel scenes. Almost all of the rest is a big stupid mess. You don't care or remember all of the episodes of Shinji going to school or any of the other shit.
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Dude, just stop. There's nothing brave about preaching to the choir.
That spectacle made it all worth while.

Good or bad, it was a site to behold.
>The only thing you actually remember or like is the spectacle of EoE and some of the angel scenes.
spoken like a true casual

Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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Don't lewd my girls you fucking cretin!
Azunyan. Easily. She's very serious about doing what she does right. She will ensure you have the fuck of your life. And then she'll be a good wife.
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It is a bannable offense punished by law.

Infractors will be persecuted and punished accordingly.

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Why is 95% of all anime cgi so horrible? I know that a lot of it is outsourced to like China or Korea but surely they can't be THAT bad.

Alice to Zouroku has some of the worst anime cgi I have ever seen
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Because importing 3d models to a 2d plane and having it look good is hard.

Also every time it's implemented the viewer notices there isn't the aesthetic cohesion, consciously or sub-consciously, and much like being surrounded by people you don't know well you notice everything that sets it apart from the norm.

it's not that it looks shit but 8/10 CGI is always 3/10 if they try and merge it with traditional animation.
Because when it's done right you don't notice it.
cg can look good but most of the time it's used as a cost saving measure as it's much cheaper to get something remotely passable using cg

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Is she misunderstood?
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Yes, but she isn't making an effort to be understood anyhow.
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I guess she makes an attempt every now and then but nobody cares (except maybe Kyon).

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What are sluts for?
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public toilets
Old men with lots of money.
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>Show is full of ass
>Show is full of cute girls
>Yet the legs and charger-bots are the best part of the series.
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I'm glad Fumikane reused Helma's character design. 1 chapter of a manga and a couple full color illustrations wasn't enough.
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These are fun. I hope he continues.

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I've just finished ep 13. Is his character a dialogue on how "white knights" are actually selfish, immature spergs? I never thought I'd hate a charcter more than Shinji but, this kid takes the cake.
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>ep 13
You are in for some crazy ride.
I don't hate characters who have actual flaws like y'all do so idk
Get ready for the worst episodes until 18 ish

Why does this shitty tsundere slut have to ruin this show?
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And that character design is just fucking atrocious, too. Is this the author's way of making fun of generic light novel designs?
Like louise taiga and slutella

Fucking dropped
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>I'm in love with someone

How? She never leaves her room
guess that's why he dropped it then
Maybe she's in love with a 2D, like we are?

Why is fair skinned male / dark skinned female pairing such a popular trope in anime /a/?
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Desire to colonize.
Apparently a lot of racists have a brown girlfriend because to them they're taming a wild animal.
Is this another one of those threads where niggers post ambiguously brown characters and call them black?

Was this necessary?
Why was this allowed?
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I was the target audience of that scene
Why is artist-chan staring at the camera?
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I see nothing wrong there.

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C.C. is going to make me watch anime again
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i want to rwatch CG for kallen but she is really a meh character with sexy design . i end up fapping to her instead of rewatching the series
C.C. is going to make me fap again.
>mfw I was so new to anime while watching Code Geass I didn't find anime characters attractive yet.

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Why are these allowed to exist?
Why can't they die?
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The same reason why the Pokemon anime still exists.
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Your not the target audience you dumb self-centered cunt
But I like shonen Full metal,Hunter X,Code Geass,One Punch,Death Note etc

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Nemu is mai hentaifu
is she ok?
She literally asked for it.

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