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Aria, a show about nothing.
<your favorite anime>
Fuck you

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Not a lolicon, but Sagiri is pretty hot
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Elf is better
>Not a lolicon, but
You are just accept it.
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You are now. Embrace it. Sagiri is love, sex, and best.

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It's Berserker install time.
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So we've seen all the Illya installs now? I still think saber Illya is cutest.
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More here:
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I was not ready for this.

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Devilman Lady, Devilman's genderbender sequel.

Jun Fudo was a teacher who raised her younger brother, Hikaru, while their father was away in the United States. One day, as she and a group of students go on an outdoor trip Jun begins to experience unusual nightmares. Far worse things were about to happen to them, however, when a group of demons, martial artists in human form, in a nearby chalet attempt to rape Jun and the female students in their demon forms. As she was being violated, Jun felt her soul being ripped apart, and, because of this, a terrifying transformation occurs turning her into the Devil Lady. She protects the girls who have survived the demon attacks and kills the demons with her newfound strength. Suddenly, a woman named Lan Asuka appears and says that she was the one who had awakened the sleeping beast within Jun.

Confused by her transformation, Lan Asuka, and her father's sudden appearance and experience, things became too complicated for Jun to understand. Through Professor Fudo's knowledge, he tells a tale of a strange phenomenon that occurred in shantytowns years ago. It was known as the "Devil Beast Syndrome" in which its inhabitants would transform into demons and rape women before eating them with no memories or intelligence of their previous lives and additionally giving them enhanced strength with other abilities.

Professor Fudo does not believe that their "Devil Beast Syndrome" transformation was supernatural, but was actually the next stage of human evolution, calling it "Nature's way of dealing with mankind's overpopulation". He also says that few people were genetically engineered to retain their conscience should the "Devil Beast Syndrome" occur in them, Jun being one of them. With Jun now becoming the Devilman Lady, she will fight for the sake of humanity to protect them from the devil beasts and their creations.
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Mugi is so talented!
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As expected of the best keion.
At sucking cocks.

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ITT: subtle anime clothes
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> subtle
I'd wear that heirophant.
Very subtle

Why is she brown? Explain!
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Brown >>>>>>>>>> White
Presumably because of the pigmentation in her skin.

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How do you like your gyaru's?

Blonde or pink hair
Tan or white skinned
Skin showing or modest
Loose sweater or sweater on waist
Lewd or pure
Confident or low self esteem
Busty or petite
Virgin or experienced
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Gyarus are pure by default.
Same artist, yes.

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Why are MCs so spineless?
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masculinity is toxic
Because you're watching cartoons aimed at kids. Talking about the masculinity of MCs is as close to being masculine as you'll get.
Why are you posting a picture from bloody rance while talking about spineless MCs?

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Claymore second season must be happen, seriously.
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Must be remade with better animation instead
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Too bad everything went downhill after the time skip. meh.
Never ever

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How come this isn't more popular
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No idea, I love it personally. S2 soon.
Because it's tl'd at a retardedly slow rate.
is there actually going to be a season 2? i Personally think it's a real comfy show even if the there is no development in terms of stories and characters.

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what the heck this show is so old lol
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>noses are touching each other
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Eskimo posters please leave
Eskimo kisses are one of the lewdest things you can do.
It's also one of the most tender one.

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Yuusha ga Shinda -_.png
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Why aren't you posting Qwaser then you faggot?
As expected of Erza
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it's not her boobs only

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