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Kagura is for___
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pure imouto

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Remember watching Naruto learning how to do the Rasengan and thinking "Wow, this reflects how people go through challenges in real life." You couldn't help but feel for Naruto because despite the fact that was a loner his entire life that everyone hated, he still had the inner spirit to try his best no matter what.
Remember during that entire sequence seeing the funny interactions with Jiraiya and loving how cool and genuine he was as a character.
And everything was paced perfectly as Naruto went through the water balloon, rubber ball and the air balloon, eventually leading up to the sequence where Naruto finally does the Rasengan correctly while protecting Tsunade. It was an epic moment of victory that just made chills go down your back.

Contrast that with lets say the pain arc. Where we have this ultimate evil disaster inducing super powerful enemy that just strolls into Konoha and kills everyone there by literally smooshing the entire city with an invisible gravitational force. The whole time you're just thinking "What the fuck happened to the sense of logic and charm that all the abilities in this show had." Then Naruto shows up and beats Pain through a massive flashy senseless power rangers/Godzilla sequence. This is followed by Naruto talking to pain and convincing him that he was wrong all along (because its that easy to convince an ultimate evil who just killed thousands that he was wrong). This is then followed by pain resurrecting every single person he killed during this sequence, reducing the value of death to nothing and killing any sense of tension the show might had.

Why did Naruto take such a fucking nosedive? I mean it isn't that hard to see why what happened is retarded and yet Masashi Kishimoto still somehow thought it was a good idea to write it in?
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Fuck off you cancerous Narutard spammer.
You ok bud?
Fuck off Narutard

It's best girl thread.
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>Melted penis
no, invisible girl best girl
>Not wanting your cock to disappear into a sloppy mess of melted skin and blood as Ashido's pussy-juice soaks your loins
What are you, gay?
fucking hell thats lewd af

Name a more rewatchable anime.
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>200 episodes
Hunter x Hunter 2011
Code Geass

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Anime and stage.

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The MC is a cute, gonna wait for more info
Looks interesting.
Wonder if those battles are only stageplays or something else.
>all that yuribait

>a girl who programs

Aight this broke my suspension of disbelief
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And she's better at it than you will ever be
Anon please, I'm not even a lefty but don't post this.
It's not because of political reasons but unrelated to anime or manga.
Yeah I think I told you this broke my suspension of disbelief

I love big fat anime tiddies.
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They are fine in my books.
Well who doesn't?

But the real question:
Elf tits or dragon tits?

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Let me guess, is this some sekai project garbage?
What is the problem with sekai project ?
>still needing translations in the 2017th year of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ
You're the one who should be fired.

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There will never, ever, EVER be an anime that is as intelligent as it is dark without being edgy and/or appealing almost exclusively to teenagers.

Lament this fact with me, my friends.
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Sure thing, OP.
If you think Parasyte is intelligent, you're pseudo-intellectual /r9k/ trash.

What are some of the best clashes in shounen?
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Rasengan vs. Chidori in Part 1 of Naruto.
Both of them.
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Definitely not this one.

ITT: Characters you still hate
He almost ended Miyata's career and everyone pretends he's a good guy deep down.
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>almost ended Miyata's career
his genes are going to do that tho
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>He almost ended Miyata's career
that's Miyata's fault for being weak tho

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Watch any old anime recently, /a/?

I've been watching Yu Yu Hakusho.

It's better than I remember it being. Despite some periods when its age really shows, I think its animation holds up when it counts.

The dub is still pretty good. The dialogue is funny and Yusuke's VA does an amazing job. Christopher Sabat as Kuwabara is definitely an acquired taste, though
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but he's the best part
I'm not saying that he isn't amazing, but the first time around I definitely thought it was a bit silly.

That first episode made me tear up, especially with that performance from Sabat. He did a damn good job there
His fight against that 110% guy was god-level.

>Little Witch Academia v1 - 2997 BDs, 297 DVDs
What went wrong?
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>little overarching plot
>Akko is too dumb
>Roughly same sale as phantom sale and flop dragon

MC is worst girl

What anime did you drop after the first episode? Personally I don't think I even made it all the way through this garbage, it was that bad and not even in a "this is so bad it's funny/good" kind of way, it was just straight bad.
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This is probably the only anime that I have intentionally dropped
azumanga daioh ! seemed like the older version of nichichou
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I dropped Madoka Magica after the first episode. Didn't like the art style at all. And that stupid talking dog got on my nerves pretty quickly.

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>begs for season 5
>begs for new OVA
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I want to impregnate the netori queen (Henrietta)!
Which author died again? Shana or Zero?
Seriously they should do a sequel right now, newfags will think that it is a redditzero sequel.
Zero author died :/, and I agree

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