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why are these kids not doing their school work? what kind of shit school is this?
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This show could definitely use some downtime inbetween things
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We need Shinka to assign them homework that will motivate them.
>terrible fight scenes
>shit girls
>shit MC
>autistic plot

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I just started this dumb show and it's pretty fun
Can I expect the same amount of quality through and through or does it start dropping off at some point?
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Season 2 is less fun.
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Was reading Vol 10 and it doesn't that bad, Why do people say it sucks?
>muh OP loli

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Why does every Asterisk War fan find Kirin sexually attractive?
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Speak for yourself. I'm not a lolicon degenerate and never will be.
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she was very deliberately designed
Says who? I don't.

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Say thanks to our resident readfag who actually gives our plots good criticism. With a guy like him you can actually post plots and not bait.
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Yumeko a boy that can access people's dream after sharing sleep spot with him, recently aware of this skills he keeps chasing his crush for a chance to confess his love but that happens in one of his dreams with here.
It's about a city-university where people with super abilities go to live. But there's also normal people. There's also magic people. This causes a lot of conflicts and the city is managed by a super computer.
a loli pretends to be an older woman on the internet.

it starts causing trouble when the people she talks to regularly want to meet her.

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Chapter is out on MangaONE app. Dumping raws with rough translation. Sorry in advance for typos and other mistakes, I'm tired asf.

Chapter title is "Mob".

>Happy New Year~
>Did you go anywhere for the winter break?
>Yeah, to my grandma’s.
>You ain’t scared about the exams?
>Happy New Year.
>Have a joyous New Year, buddy!!
>Did you watch the comical death match? (I did some research and all I could find was a few vids on youtube of fake MMA/wrestling style fights involving comedians)
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>Happy New Year.

>Today marks the beginning of the third trimester. First things first, after the opening ceremony I’ll finish collecting the homework you had to do for winter break.
>Since you must be feeling sluggish after the holiday, we’ll switch back to working seriously for the exams starting from tomorrow.

>There’re three months left until this the school year is over. Until you change classes, apply yourself to your studies.
>Ah, changing classes… If I move up into the next class, I might end up in the same class as Tsubomi-chan…

>Right, there was something else.
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>Takane Tsubomi-san from class 2-3 is changing residence next month.
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>Changing residence…


>Eh? Eh? This is so sudden my mind can’t process it… Eh?
>Eh? But I was thinking of confessing after the end of the exams…
>I was supposed to have one year left…

>Wai… Wait a minute. I still haven’t… I still haven’t done anything yet. Nothing… has happened yet…
>Is this really happening?

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No new chapter this week so here's the volume extras again for anyone who missed them.
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FUCK. I literally went through work today saying "well at least I'll have Kaguya when I get home". I forgot it was golden week. God damn me.
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What do you most look forward to seeing in this new series?

I'd love to see Kallen have her happiness ruined and forced into tight nightmares with butt angle shots again.
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Suzaku spinning is all I need. And more C.C.
It will be QUALITY like DB Super.
I just want lots and lots of Kallen

Waifu for laifu

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kino headpat.jpg
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Four more days
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This thread and all the bitches posted in it have been CLAIMED by STIYL FUCKING MAGNUS

Your enemies will be roasted if you respond to this post with "PRAISE STIYL-SAMA"
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Why are there zero anime that feature or even mention the Emperor and/or the royal family?

Don't the Nips literally believe that they're descended from the goddess of the sun or some shit? You'd think that the literal God Emperor of man would be a topic of discussion.
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It would be a great dishonour to animate the emperor.
Just draw him like this.

What's the problem?
Because the Emperor of Japan is actually a liberal. The anime writers are all right-wing nuts.

They began to ignore the Emperor back in the 70s when he complained about the enshrinement of war-criminals in the Yasukuni shrine, and refrained from visiting it since them.

No right winger ever forgave him for that.

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Why is Sisti such a loose slut?
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Cat (pig) in heat.
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I want to make this piggy squeal
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Celica a best. A BEST.

Is K-On an arthouse anime?
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More like poohouse
>Subliminal advertising
yeah sure whatever.
It has sequels so no.

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So how young is too young?

With Eromanga Sensei having a 12-year-old for its main girl, how young does one have to be to be before it's seen as weird?
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To anybody with common sense or a normal moral scale, Eromanga Sensei is weird.
It doesn't matter, they're fictional characters.
They're fake.
Depends on what "it" is. But I think if you are generally the sameish age it's fine when your young. But if your 10 years oder than a 12 year old, then it's weird.

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>mfw I was 8 years old when haruhi first aired
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Feels like a couple of years ago.
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>2007 was 20 years ago

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>Elevens freaking out on Twitter ave. 20 tweets per minute
>/a/ acts like this isn't happening
Is this it? Is /a/ finally dead?
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NHK BS Premium Airing Episode 1, 2 and g of Code Geass and an interview with Goro Taniguchi.
I mean Episode 1, 2 and 6
More important things are happening. Cash Geass isn't going anywhere.

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Is anyone watching this?
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Guri might be sort of dumb and sort of chuuni and sort of obsessed with yaoi and sort of gets you stabbed on a daily basis, but she's still a cute.

that's one

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