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Why are musclegirls so uncommon in anime, when supposedly physically strong women are so commen?
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Because they're uncommon in real life
Most people are plebs and don't like girls with muscle definition.
What >>156570528 said and this goes double true in Japan outside of fetishists.

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find a flaw
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she's too happy
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>Not pic related
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Goddamnit, another Rei vs Asuka thread. Here we go again.

Why is she blushing?
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>i'm bored
>my feet hurt
>this anime is shit
>i wish i were back in doujins getting gangbanged
Ladyknights are for tender loving, not gangbangs!
A good knight is worth ten men!

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>This twat repeats timelines, breaks down, cries, everyone sympathizes with her

>Subaru does the same but everyone hates him

what the fuck is wrong with you
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well Subaru is not a cute girl
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A**** H***** did nothing wrong
>implying Homura is cute


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I remember that it used to air on Fox Kids and I fucking loved it. Has anyone else watched this?
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Yeah I have watched it.

It is notable for involving the work of quite a number of great animators. Takashi Nakamura, Norio Matsumoto, Shinya Ohira, Mitsuo Iso, Hiroyuki Okiura, Osamu Tanabe.
Wow you sure know a lot

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Happy 2nd Anniversary Love Live! Sunshine.

On this day, two years ago the Project officially began with the reveal of the entire cast.
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Wow it's been 2 years already, I thought it would have grown on me by now but I still think Sunshine is shit.
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Wow it's been 2 years already, I thought they wouldn't have grown on me but now I think Sunshine is much better than hags shit.
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Stop that.

4 episodes in and so far both of the MC's are annoying as fuck. Does this get any better?
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It doesn't.
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No, it gets worse. And even worse in S2. And even worse in S3. Which is precisely why you must finish it and then rewatch all of it. It's okay, it took me like three tries to actually get through season 1, but once I did make it through, I just got it. You will too.
This. You need to acquire a special kind of shit taste to enjoy it but when you get there, oh boy is it fun.

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ITT: Mangas that were 10/10 at some point and then shit the bed on its last arcs.
ill start us off with the big three.
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Death Note
Hunter x Hunter
Bakuman was always a 5/10

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who's your fapfu?
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Nibutani Shinka

Don't judge me, it's a purely physical relationship.
Yozora from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai: I don't have many friends)

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It's Yui Ichii's birthday today in japan, the 1st of May.

Celebration is in order, yuyus
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>reaches page 9 with no posts

I'm disappointed, /a/, where are my yuyufags?
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Yui-chan no baasudei presento
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Would you a Stylet?
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Lesbian and a minigirl.
Then would you a Gourai?
Still mini.

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Can you guys please stop talking about how you want to fill Hanako Oomuro's "cun-cun" with "cum-cum". I know /a/ is a bunch of lolicons, but she's only eight year old!

And stop saying other creepy shit too, like how you want to nibble her pink nipples and nuzzle her hairless armpits. And for god's sake, don't talk about how you want to slap her little buttocks like a pair of bongo drums! It's just not appropriate.
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Hey, I'm not the one who designed her character. In both looks and personality, only Ayano can compete when it comes to sex appeal.
You've thought alot about this, OP
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He is just a small everyday bum but he was capable of overthrowing an entire corporation out of nothing or at least being able to attempt it).

Because the characters feel so real, the sense of scale you feel when Kaij clímbs up the ladder to overthrow Tonegawa and Ichijou is absolutely incredble. It's just as inspiring as Gurren Lagann or something, if not more so

All hail FKMT

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Please don't sully Kaiji with your circle jerking you autist.
i hope he dies and Kazuya (the best boy) wins
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Since Season 3 is never happening because dude weed lmao, how is the manga? I heard the next arc after where the anime ends is mahjong and I don't understand it at all. I've read most of the other FKMT works that don't have to do with mahjong.

We're over a month into Spring. What have been your favorite and least favorite shows so far, /a/? Any surprises – good or bad?
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Shingeki no Bahamut, Uchouten 2 and Frame Arms Girl. Everything else looks like you usual trash.
Favorite is Sakura Quest, which is okay. In a better season it might even be a candidate to drop though. Why is this season so bereaved of good CGDCT shows?
>Frame Arms Girl
>not trash

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is your body ready?
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I already watched it about 10 times. I'm burnt out.
Keeping my expectations low.
oh shit 4k blu ray?

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