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Wait, Rin is a prostitute now?
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She's also the vessel for Ishtar.
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Rin was pure

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Why can't real girls dress like Shiori?
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You can always dress like her if you like Shiori's clothes.
What makes her so special to you, op?
You mean boring?

ITT good tsundere
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Houki from IS
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did this series even end?

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>Cute girls doing knight things

Where does this roller coaster end
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Shoujo Kishidan X Knight
>Not posting the name of an obscure manga
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Well, this one is completely ridiculous on many levels in just two chapters.

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What is the Attack Titan's special ability?

All the other ones we've seen had something unique.

>Cart can stay in Titan form indefinitely.
>Female can crystallize her body.
>Coordinate can control other titans.
>Colossus is giant energy furnace.
>Armored is covered in armored shell.
>Beast can speak in Titan form.
>Jaw is ridiculously agile.

These all combine to create the original Founding Titan with all the powers combined.
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Cart titan and Ymir were also able to speak in titan form, not just Beast. If it has to be something, his arm proportions would be his "special ability"

And having tits is FT's special ability. Notice how Cart titan and Ymir's titan don't have tits though they are women shifters inside

Dunno about Attack titan

The Coordinate Titan also has tits and I think the Beast TItan's ability is superior strength proportional to its body.
I bet Isayama regrets creating Ymir now.

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Snek or Bara?
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Have no nickname for him, but this guy.
ukranian potato farmer

Find a flaw.
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Author created a character more popular than his planned paring, and not just by a few crazy shipper's standards.

Her flaw is not being recognized.
She's not EMT

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>"Flip Flappers sold bad so it's a bad anime hahaha"
>"Love Live sold good so it's a bad anime GRRR"
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Nothing good has ever come from engaging in sales discussion on /a/
>Flip Flappers
>Love Live
But I like both of these shows.
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But LL was good, Anon-kun.

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This nug is on the front page!
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At least that fuck can be found.
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Just wait till season 2 drops

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What's the best age for idols?
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Idols should be thousands of years old and forgotten by most of the world until an adventurer stumbles into an old shrine and awakens the slumbering Goddess.

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Usagi Droppu
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>continuing past 2nd panel
>age gap yuri
because time is cruel, and it's cute to see relationships progress into old age.

Ruined anime in the west or Saved anime in the west?

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Who cares? The East is what matters.
Helped me to get these repeating digits


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A ridiculously important plot point hings on some temporary malfunction and the MC making a bad joke. How could the new season top that?
>I can make you do absolutely anything I say.
>No you can't teehee.
>Yes I can, like if I told you to kill all the nips you'd have to do it. Tho I wouldn't ever make you do anything like that.
>Kill all the nips...
Greatest plot ever.
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Reminder that he has the power to stop this

Why didn't they let the aliens take over? They're clearly a far superior species
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>aliens kill half of Tokyo
>they kill your girlfriend's mother
>they capture humans by the truckload and bleed them dry, cook them into meals, shove them into hamster cages
>get the opportunity to wipe them all out
>Nishi tries to do the right fucking thing and you stop him, beat him up and leave him to die
>you do all this despite the fact that the aliens have fucked over your country's capital, your people, and likely the global economy for many decades
So what? They were basically killing rats

>Lose the war against god like aliens
>Invade earth
>Lose again
>Womyn and children will most likely get raped

We Germans now?

>[HorribleSubs] Uchouten Kazoku S2 - 03 [720p].mkv

Benten's back.
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Now I can finally pick it up
>literally murderer
Oh such tragic person
>Benten's back.
A lot quicker than I was expecting.

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