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Gine deserves more recognition than what she gets.
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Colorfag here again
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Who's ready for more of Gohan disappointed everyone in the coming weeks?
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Yeah I'm bored

>6th General Election Preliminary Result
So will Scamco finally give up?
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Disappointed my waifu didn't win but Kaede is a great choice too.
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Other ranks

It is still preliminary ranking, who is your waifu?
>who is your waifu?

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Anrifriends rejoice
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Let's talk about this cute little fin.
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>doesn't want to be a famous witch
>just wants to run a magic item shop
>said shop is little more than a convenience store

>ketchup on ramen
Croix is truly the most evil anime villain of all time.
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I like this OP.

Lets go with this OP

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Reminder there's no chapter this week.

Will Sanji and Pudding redeem themselves?
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Sanji doesn't need to redeem itself, dumb faggot
he needs to redeem his character from how pathetic he's been for most of the arc
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Who will grow older by using this? Momo? Or Luffy's child?

Why is this team so much better than the original main cast?
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Because now that narutos not there your gay contrarian autistic ass can appreciate the world kishi created, fuck fag.
No annoying "I only care about avenging my village" emo Sasuke, no I will just beat up Naruto because kishi thinks it's a funny trope to have an angry female character sakura
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Just watched the first 3 episodes of the new Boruto series after finishing the last shippuuden movie. (the one with the moon and Hinata and stuff)

How is fitting the Boruto movie in all of this? Is it canon?
Should I watch it now or at some point later in the Boruto series?

Also give this miracle of the universe (pic related) more screentime.

My poor, precious daughter.
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Hi, father.
I want to make lots of daughters with Shiori.
The old man will probably die midshow to bring drama and make Yoshino reinforce her resolution to resuscitate the town.

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Can we have a comfy Megumin thread?
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Of course.
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Volume 11 will have a kiss. Kazuma will man up. Screencap this.
This small girl is hitting smug levels that shouldn't even be allowed. Should we let this keep going?

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Would you watch an ecchi anime featuring a cast of futanaris?

>isekai setting where a mage's power depends on either size, girth or proficiency of her penis
>severe focus on breast, ass and bulgeshots
>penis fencing
>when the cocks are out, the footage is replaced with videos of cucumbers, eggplants and bananas doing whatever the contextndemands with girl's reactions
>keyframes and character designs by Uno Makoto

For that matter: would it be legal to, say, show parts of the shaft/balls if they are not i n the same shot? What about non-erect cocks?
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Not really.
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Some of them could be feminine boys if you're into this kind of thing.

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watamote thread.
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They playing 12 episode of watamote on Nico Nico right now. https://mobile.twitter.com/izugyoza/status/856416365938327552
Just use the Nico Nico app.
Everyone on /a/ watch it now we might get a season 2. Please please do it

>[HorribleSubs] Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho - 03 [720p].mkv
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Whoah there. What's with the early release?
Yeah, its around 6 hours early, shitloads of v2 from HS too.

Absolutely based
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Wait isn't it too early? Holy shit meme mahou delivered!
at least the last dvd cover is decent.
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>come here to post lewd hotel collab previews
>find out Mappa has exceeded your expectations once again

My day is made.

Shit, it's the cops.

Post the most innocent face you can find to lower their suspicion.
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images (1).jpg
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Is Eromanga-sensei the smartest anime of this year?
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Why do you make stupid threads likes these? Do you enjoy it?
Thanks doc.

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The last time the world saw this many v2's was when Hitler was bombing England.

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Decent joke, shit thread.
>this is what they killed fansubs for
thanks doc

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