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New game is coming out this summer, read the news. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-04-23/kemono-friends-new-game-arrives-this-summer-as-smartphone-app/.115197
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More dumb owls!

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My wife.jpg
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Why are imoutos so perfect, /a/?
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They compliment Oniichans.
Rate my wife!
I wish she was more popular than other shit imoutos like Kirino and Sora.

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Say aaa, /a/
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Where were you when Yahari got ripped-off, why is this even allowed?
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Yukino has been improved
Oh no, one piece of shit copied another piece of shit.
>turns out it's better than original
Fucking pottery.

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>156215465
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Mitsuha Reference.jpg
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Requesting Mitsuha happily crying tears of joy with a look of disbelief on her face.
It can be a reaction to anything.
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Requesting more Shiny Ursula ass, getting spanked, groped, a tear in her pantyhose, etc.
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Akiba's Ref.jpg
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This request contains spoilers of the last episode of Akiba's Trip.
Requesting the moment in the first image redrawn in your style, with other dynamic angles and all that.

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Let's celebrate the birthday of CG's heroine.
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Happy birthday Dookie!

No words.
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Why talk when your dick speaks for you?
Louise is pure sex.
Don't mind me. Just posting best girl.

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What's his endgame?
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Trying to give the starving ningens some high tech, but will end up realizing that ningens are savages that destroy all of the God's beauty for their petty squabbles.
Cockteasing humanity, I doubt he gonna give the balls. He is probably doing a stupid quiz/survey for his dimension, dangling some nice prizes for response.
Laughing at us squabble over his balls.

ITT canon lesbians
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This isn't going to be a very long list, you know.
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Fate Mama & Nanoha Papa

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"Akko! Stop stealing the spotlight!"
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Meanwhile at Luna Nova
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TV was a mistake!

We have to go back to OVAs!
>"This is a good book"

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New chapter in less than a week boyos.
post bags
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I really wanted to see them witness the eclipse event for them to comprehend the despair Gutts and Casca felt.

Hopefully they'll do it next week
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God willing they'll see it through Casca's perspective.

So, they finally announced the official popularity poll result
Nobody can beat Oniisama and his imouto, Miyuki is best heroine, Mayumifags can shut up now
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>4th place
Nips have good taste for once.
She is always first place on game poll though
>Mayumi is 3rd while Erika is 6th
>that insufferable fag Masaki is 7th
>Pixy is 23rd
shit poll is shit

at least Tia is 4th

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There be none of Starlight Academy's daughters
With a magic like the devil's;
And like music on the waters
Is thy sweet Prism Voice to me:
When, as if its sound were causing
The charméd ocean's pausing,
The waves lie still and gleaming,
And the lull'd winds seem dreaming:
And the midnight moon is weaving
Her bright chain o'er the deep,
Whose pettanko is gently heaving
As an infant's asleep:
So the spirit bows before thee
To listen and adore thee;
With a full but soft emotion,
Like the swell of The Aikatsu and Pripara Thread™.
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Lala Trash.gif
1MB, 450x735px
I want to fuck Lala.

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I'm going to take Red's sword away from her if she doesn't stop swinging it at every person she meets.
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try it, you'll just get stabbed
I still don't understand her power.

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Subs during this thread or no more bullies.
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daily reminder
QC 100%
>QC 100%

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