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Asuka best girl
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All Eva girls are equally shit tbqh
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while my dick answers to rei i like asuka as a character much more

rei's story line ended with her smiling according to anno
you're a faggot desu

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it was me! Roswaal!.png
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last thread got deleted thanks to shitposters,
new chapter discussion 130(124b):mega:#F!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg
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just realized the link in the OP doesn't work for everyone www.mega.nz/#F!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg
>last thread = complete shit show and gets deleted
>better make a new right away!
There isn't anything to discuss in the new chapter, last thread was proof.
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Mayo Subaru.jpg
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>Thread gets pruned because people can't stop being mentally challenged for a single thread

It honestly took to long for these threads to become targets.

Ram is freaking sick in the head. How does she love Roswaal THIS much? Is he just so eccentric and insanely devoted to Echidna that she "I should make that my future husband" or some shit? Or does she find the idea of breaking him and taking him for herself to be appealing?

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welcome to miami.jpg
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>KitaEri: There are many sexy scenes that could make people turn their eyes away in embarrassment.

>Chiaking: I'm looking forward to seeing all of my pant pants (laugh)

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Someone who can read moonrunes better than me will make more sense of this.


I only got clearly the part about character songs, the things in the OP, and they say again that Mammon is a single mother.
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Individual interviews here.
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Literal Semen Demon.webm
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Chiaking is PURE SEX.

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videl vs spopovich.gif
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ITT: the scene from a non-hentai you've fapped to the most.
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I'd pay good money to swap places with Vegeta in this scene
I'll beat the shit out of you for free, anon.
Seek help

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u wa SHOCK.jpg
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If you're still debating powerlevels/powerscaling, fuck off. Why fuck off? If the producer of the god damned show doesn't care about consistency, then that's it, it's done. The arguments are fucking dead.

Is SSB Goku holding back? Against Krillin? Yeah, it's obvious Krillin can't hold his own against Base Goku alone, this was already proven.

Is SSB Goku holding back against 17? Fuck no. It's obvious with all the Hype they had around 17, they intended for him to be near that level. This SSB Goku which went through hell and earth against Goku Black and Zamasu, fought a God-Level version of his race's killer, and has even fought a God Of Destruction and lived to tell the tale, struggled against a park ranger.

Quit arguing it, quit acting as if you can PROVE anything about ANYONE anymore. The shit I said about Krillin?? I could be fucking WRONG. If the producer doesn't care at all then obviously neither should you. Arguing endlessly is pointless.

Protip: Nobody is forcing you to watch the show. It may suck now, but if it stresses y'all out to the point where you have to blow up countless threads full of the same, spiteful shit; """""grown adults""""" who can't handle cartoons? Then you should stop watching it, seriously.

I myself am loving it, because I also don't give a shit what happens as long as it's cool as fuck. (Of course I, nor anyone wants anymore extreme situations like the ones we've had, especially if they're poorly animated or written as bad or worse.)

tl;dr: Literally nothing you debate about DBS powerscaling issues can be proven. So stop wasting hours trying to prove random anons on 4chan wrong when they can easily just fucking ignore you, lol.
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Training is irrelevant, consistency is irrelevant. The producer will do what he fucking wants and Akira will have little to no real say in it all.

Tien will be SSB Goku level, he will make him struggle I fucking bet.
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Toriyama >>> Toei
Just because he gave his approval doesn't excuse it from criticism. Toriyama himself is dissatisfied with Toei's work and was relieved when Shueisha/Jump established the new Dragon Ball department.
That still doesn't excuse the fact that the producer isn't worried about power inflation or overall consistency with it.

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Did Pudding really do anything wrong?
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One piece's 20th anniversary is this year
how hyped are you
>Lead the Strawhats into a trap
>Seduced Sanji
>Taunted Luffy and Nami
>Shot Reiju and memory wiped her
>Insulted Sanji behind his back
>Attempted to murder Sanji, and by extension trigger a mass assassination

So no she didn't really do anything wrong. Or at least, nothing worst than, say, Mr.2.

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Roast Grapelet... That is all.
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Don't mind if I do! What's the main difference between Tokoyami and Mineta? Tokoyami is a cunning runt and Mineta is a running cunt.
>sugar is below sadrock

I call shenanigans.
I'd call them manlets if they weren't just starting high school or whatever

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Benten-sama a best.
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That's a nice angle.
>I showed you my dick now answer me
Best girl and the worst woman. I love her.

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Dio Caught A Fish This Big.png
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Which part would you want Araki to rewrite?
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Part 6. He'd be drawing all those prison hotties in his best style.
part 4. Make it Less shitty fucken Moeshit and make it more action packed shonen like Part 1 - 3!

File: konosuba_the_succubus.jpg (28KB, 622x350px)Image search: [Google]
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Please fill in your succubus dream request form, /a/
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>total bitch
>blue hair
>low IQ

get me one of these kudasai
I want to fuck OP's mom while he watches.

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It's time
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What even happened in the last thread?
Stop the fucking meta shitposting. Discuss homoshit, not how tumblr or not these threads are. Don't fucking full them up with off topic garbage.
Stop spamming faggot, take the issue to /qa/ or IRC.

Remember to relax and take it easy.
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Requesting anything tasteful and not untoward.
Spring times are upon us, 'tis the season for lighter dress, flowers, nature and sunshine!

Looking for more specific ideas? Here's a short collection http://imgur.com/a/7ZSJs + refs for some of the below:
- As a stylish modern/future urban fighter with a HF blade or what have you.
- Cosplaying feMC Shiki, from Digimon: Next Order or her classmate who is also named Himari.
- In a cool, energetic pose or style.
- With an alternate long hairstyle. Low twintails, half loop ponytail, or wavy ponytail in particular would be great, examples in above album.
- Her in some fashionable modern attire, cute frilly dress, torn pantyhose, with her hair down, or older (mid 20s or so)
- Something with a cherry blossom theme or as a race queen. It's that time of year.

For more albums/suggestions (bottom) and extra refs for her peruse http://imgur.com/a/yw4sK
File: 1Mizunashi Akari reference.jpg (806KB, 2834x1225px)Image search: [Google]
1Mizunashi Akari reference.jpg
806KB, 2834x1225px
I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari trying some new outfit in front of a mirror, maybe something like a dress or a new bikini?

If you want to draw something else though please go for it!

Please and thank you if you pick this up!
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2MB, 2500x2500px
Since Earth Day was yesterday, requesting my Kobori having a picnic with me. That, or eating a piece of birthday cake. I'm fine with whichever one you choose.
Whether it's POV or SI, I'm fine with either.
SI: http://imgur.com/q7NJK7i

Anything else cute or cutelewd is fine, too.

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Subs in 6 Hours.....

475 Hours left for Best girl episode....
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Croix is the best.
File: 1492968017888.png (1MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Thats not kurowa
>Akko stated in the episode that she takes 3 minutes to bathe
>The Moomin character is her neighbor

File: 0309.png (1MB, 959x1400px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 959x1400px
Time for stuff

60: The Great Kogarashi Rescue operation
[Side] Let's have a fight...!!
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[Right] And he can't do a thing...
"A morning bath is a strange thing"

"Right, Yatahagane...?"
".......y...you took a bath last night, right!?"
File: 0311.png (1MB, 959x1400px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 959x1400px
"I can't lose to the Yuragi Inn lot after all!"
"What's with the antagonistic mentality"

"Kuku... wow, it's really like a dream"
"It's been two years since then... it's been so long"

"And yet, I can remember it as if it was yesterday"
"The day I met you...!"
"Met me...??"

"Yes... I can't ever forget it. It was at Sekigahara two years ago..."
"Begin the battle!"

"Wh...what's happening!?"
File: 0312.png (1MB, 959x1400px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 959x1400px
"...listen, you dolts"
"We're going to Kyoto for our school trip now..."

"But thanks to you guys, the shinkansen stopped operating!"
"And everyone was so looking forward to it!!"

"Stop the damn fight now!"
"If you don't, every single one of you..."
"Will be my opponent...!"

"I was so mesmerized...!"
[Side] Ooooh...!
"Oh yeah, I lost my temper since I went through hell to save enough money for the expenses..."

File: The_power_of_imoutos.jpg (86KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Behold! An imouto's ultimate ability. It is the most powerful force known to man.

Can it be stopped, /a/? If so, then how?
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Threadly reminder that Emily a shit. A SHIT.
Kill yourself for watching this show.
File: Kirino.jpg (76KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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I read that in David Attenborough's voice.

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