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Why does KyoAni only do school setings?
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They were barely ever at school in tamato market or amagi.
They know their audience.

Virgin otaku.
Air didn't have a school setting.

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You wouldn't a robot?
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I would polish her joints and update her drivers to be desu.
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I don't want to feel today, anon.

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Which one would get pregnant first?
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Moogs. No contest.
what the FUCK is wrong with their noses?

How can a lesbian get pregnant?

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Who did you guys vote for in the popularity poll?
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For Sanji and Nami
Big Mom
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Shitty forced winner.
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The writers had to save you.
Do you think that's something to be proud, cunt?

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Why doesn't Saten just buy a sofa? Is she poor?
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Being evil has it's downsides
>level 0
Yes, pretty much.
Even if she weren't, never underestimate the cheapness of the gookchink.

She's too hot /a/! Do something!
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When you're hot, it helps to elevate your feet.
Good thing euthanasia is legal here.
I'll end your suffering.

This show can't get any lewder can it?

I hope I get proven wrong.
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well it has to if they expect people to put up with the horrid cinematography

One of the demon lords is a futanari girl.
I fully expect the OVAs to be even closer to pure porn.

>[HorribleSubs] Hinako Note - 04 [720p].mkv

This is you oppai loli child actress for the day.
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is she asking for it?
Which is it /a/?
She is.

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Hayate ended after 13 years, any final thoughts on this series?
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Is she saying she lost?
Pretty much
I'm glad its over.

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Why did corpse party get such a shitty OVA?
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Anybody tell what happens in this scene?
Can't you see? It's a girl holding another girls head and she's crying.
I mean what happen story wise

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Will this show belong on /a/ or /co/ when it starts?

>Studio founded and run by French people
>just happens to be situated in Japan so they can get freelance animators/artists
>official website is French only
>produced by Crunchyroll
>main creative force is a black guy
>western direction/writing staff
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Sounds like it belongs to /co/
Oh and it's not a black guy who was raised in Japan or anything, just an American guy.

The only significant difference between this and Aeon Flux (which also had a bunch of Japanese people on the visual side of things) is that they got a Japanese character designer and that as far as I'm concerned is not enough to make something anime.
You made this same thread multiple times before, so I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve besides shitposting, but whatever. My take is it's anime. The core production studio itself is Japanese, and that's the definition that matters.Who the director is clearly doesn't change anything, or else Tekkonkinkreet wouldn't be anime and Famicom would be right about all that TM outsourcing work being anime. The production company also doesn't change anything, or else this upcoming Netflix stuff wouldn't be anime, nor would Big O or Dandy, etc.

To be clear, I'm not very happy about this thing existing, but on a semantic level I think it has to be considered anime or else we run into contradictions.

So I started to watch this old show, not for nostalgia since I never watched or knew of it but just to satisfy my urge for some older anime that isn't an institution/has a cult status. I was looking for something fun and casual basically. This I got, but damn - this is some really great stuff. Chacha is adorable but above all just a funny little bundle of chaos. The whole show really has that fairy tale feel where absurdity just works and you aren't expecting any sort of logic but just roll with it. I think this is a very hard thing to pull off. I'm enjoying the hell out of this series and I can't but wonder at how much better it is than most current stuff (a vast generalization mind you). I can clearly see that the staff had fun making the show and that there's actual talent involved. It's satisfying to watch.

I'm vaguely aware that this show has a nostalgia factor and that it was popular. Is this correct?

Anyway, let's talk old anime in general. Recommend stuff, tell us what you're watching etc.
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I love her. Probably my first animu crush. I thought her transformed form was Sailor Moon at first but then realized it wasn't.

Chacha is Akko done correctly.
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Currently watching Daa! Daa! Daa! and I'm enjoying it way more than I should be
>Recommend stuff
Kill yourself.

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this is a japanese game developer
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I really want to bury my face between her buttcheeks and sniff her butthole.
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Are you sure about that?
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Yes. I would sniff and lick all the New Game butts.

Is this outfit age appropriate?
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Yes, she is not a child.
>not a child
Whatever you say, pedro.

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