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How would you say One Piece stacks up against the other powerhouse shonen out there? Naruto and Bleach take turns receiving our hot molten shits, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Ball Z still receive praise, but I don't see many talking about One Piece, for good or bad.

For the first time in eight or nine years I'm reading it and I'm curious as to what the consensus is on it.
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It's definitely worse than Dragon Ball. The main characters in One Piece are largely static and don't really age. Even the timeskip didn't really change any of them except for Brook for comedic purposes.
How are they suppose to age it has only been 3 year since Luffy set sail, including time skip.
Yeah I feel kinda similar. When the timeskip came I found myself wondering what the point of it was from a story perspective. Maybe he just wanted to shake things up.

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The things I'd do to her if she was my mom
>Move out and be an adult
>Get college degree and a good job
>Make her proud of me
>Buy her a house and a car
>Maybe take her to tour around the world

Do you have a momu?
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the mom.jpg
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How would your mom feel if she read this?

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Is Kon the best femme fatale of 2017?
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>best femme fatale
>not nono
Did you even watch Urara?
i regret dropping this because i was too lazy to watch anime for 2 months

What was his fucking problem?
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He's a pedo
>muh gravity
>muh lalah

There you go, Char's character summed up in 2 lines.
He doesn't stop fucking laughing.

Everywhere I go, he's there. Laughing at me.

Fuck you, Char.

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So, Wakaba saved Yuuki Yuuna
How can one Hero be so perfect? She keeps saving Yushas even after 300 years.
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>everybody dies
>everybody dies
It's Anzu's fault.
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>It's Anzu's fault
Why, did her gas chamber spring a leak?

I picked this up few days ago, can someone explain what the fuck is wrong with him?
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just drop it
>I picked this up few days ago
You new?
How many times have you made this thread?

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Why does Kyouko recieve grief for letting familiars eats humans? It is wrong yes, but what are the chances of those people being bad people? Kyouko might have saved someone indirectly by letting a familiar kill someone who was out to cause harm and recieve a grief seed. It is a win-win situation for her and other citizens.
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You fail at logic forever.
Holy shit, you're right. I'll write a letter to congress immediately. We need to give every single person arrested for homicide a second trial taking into account the possibility that their victim might not have been one of the bad guys.
Why is Madoka so sexual? Other megukas don't even compare.

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There is nothing wrong with liking boys.
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You're a faggot.
Succ me

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How many cocks do you think she had before Taki got reunited with his waifu after all those years /a/?
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She's pure!
from the looks of it, a lot. She probably fucked all through college.
About 200, then some more when she went to Mexico

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>petite body
You don't wear underwear in the bath.
You are now imagining Louise bathing in her undergarments.

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>pic related
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But that is not isekai. The MC is not a reborn japanese sperg.
That's not isekai, that's reborn / time travel.

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Yap, yaoi on ice in the midst
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Hello friends

+: LoGH, Kino, S;G, FMA: BH, Utena, BeruBara, Shiki
Kiváló ízlés

+: LoGH, GTO, Ganku, Nana, Tatami, Mononononoke, Uchuu Kyoudai

Solid 3×3 thread so far.
Haha, nálad is, de az középen tényleg a jurionájszomból van!!! és nem az Utena (bár abból is akartam a Michi helyett betenni, csak félre linkeltem, pedig úgy nem lenne annyira félreérhető a kép.XD)

What is your favorite KyoAni character? Why?
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Kyon because he is intelligent, nihilisticm, with a wicked sense of humor.
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This. Or any of the Keions.
>no sex fluff tuba goddess

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>actually updated for the first time in 3 years
Holy shit.
And Leviathan is the best.
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I thought she was a centaur from the thumbnail
She's actually a giant snake.
I wonder why this doesn't has anime adaption

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