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Have you ever fapped to an anime character before watching her show and then regretted it and started feeling bad about it?
Pic related, I just can't have lewd thoughts about her anymore.
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No, that's stupid.
I fapped to a Shirobako doujin after watching the show. No regrets. one is absolutely beautiful yuri hentai and one is retarded pen mind control horseshit
No. If I fapped to a girl from a show I've never watched, chances are I'll never ever watch it. This usually applies to idolshit and haremshit shows.

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What does /a/ think about this hyped trash?
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Walmart OPM for the hipster crowd
>3 threads of Mob Psycho at once

Are you guys feeling Tsun or something?
Anime gave the series a bad impression. I thought they did a good job of it, but it ended right before the actual story started.

>Girl falls in love because he was nice to her
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Girls like nice guys, it's shocking I know.
>girls like hot guys and will try to attribute every possible positive trait to hot guys no matter how flimsy the reason
it's shocking I know
>2D girls

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Do you buy anime or manga, /a/?
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I used to but i'm not spending neetbux on that shit anymore
You'll have to now that torrents are dying. Or you can buy a Crunchyroll subscription for only $11.95 / month!
Yes. I buy merchandise of my favorites.

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What's your favorite piece of clothing you like seeing on anime girls?
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Whatever my waifu happens to be wearing, that's my favorite.

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What are these called? Just robo-gauntlets?

Also SymphoGeah thread
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Where is the best place to start? Season one? Should I skip ahead?
No, what the fuck? Start at the beginning like any other show.
i never could get into watching this anime. just doesnt feel right watching girls fight when it could be a mix of genders while still having best girls.

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So now that the dust has settled, who sang Fuwa Fuwa time better?
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The duet is peak fuwa fuwa
Ultimately, K-ON is a show about failure. The girls try so hard to achieve their dreams, but they just couldn't handle the hard work they needed to do. I'm guessing this is why the show was so popular here to begin with (since most people here are failures).

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I use nyaa to download anime music
since nyaa gone,where the fuck i can download anime music now?????
Any suggestion???
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Nyaa pantsu
Anywhere else since they had a poor selection
I was just thinking this the other day.
gendou.com is a pretty decent source but they don't really have new stuff, so if you hear an OP you like in the season, you won't get it there. Towards the end I always downloaded the music from an uploader named Maid-chan so you might try looking for that person.

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Hello, /a/!
It's me, Illya Doll!
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Go away
Oh no not again.
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What again?

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Le petite Japonaise
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>La petite Japonaise
the noun is feminine
Why is Claude so shit? He ruined the whole episode.
Why are her eyes so damn far apart from each other?

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Who is the best Datefu, and why is it The Three Stooges?
yandere clock spirit can come too
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Tohka best deito.
I want to show my dick to the one on the right.
Would you take her on a date and let her fight your battles for you?

How did Miyako end with pubes on her head?

Is she that kind of person?
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You are a bad person.
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shouldn't be blonde?
>Is she that kind of person?
What kind of person is that?

Why is Sagiri so lewd?
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Anyone else think Sagiri's personality is awful?
Her design is great but everything else is a no-go. Selfish, prone to angry and passive-aggressive outbursts, doesn't want to talk things out. Her hikokomori/shut-in side is poorly written. She doesn't want to leave her room not because she's scared of people or shy (what kind of shy person shows themselves on stream in front of thousands of people) but because she's lazy and wants a free ride throughout life and doesn't care who she inconveniences. Her brother enables her to be that way. It was barely funny with Umaru because it was done in a tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top way, so here done in a more serious tone it's extremely grating. She doesn't even show any appreciation towards him which also makes it worse.

I admit I felt pretty bad for her in the first episode where they give us both their backstories, and then she just ruins it by getting offended at MC calling her family and telling him to leave. He was trying to get along in his own way and she shut him down and tells him to leave for no reason. She just comes off as extremely selfish and entitled. That's why I'm so baffled that people like this girl outside of porn and doujins. I think it's crazy that this is considered the type of girl that otaku idealize. She's cute and all but in no way likable. And not because of character flaws or whatever, but because the writer sucks balls at writing captivating or relatable characters.

A lot of anime make the character a cute, young girl so they don't have to do the hard part of writing to make the audience sympathize with the character through their words and actions, and with Sagiri this is very, very obvious. She's probably one of the cutest characters this season, design-wise. Just add in a few blushes, side glances and fidgeting, and you have a character who in instantly likable to 95% of the otaku audience no matter how entitled they are. No need to deal with that pesky writing stuff.
I'm glad oriemo is back, lads.

I have my money on the slutty elf myself.
you take this stupid show a way to serious

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See this, what do?
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Wonder why the same thread is being made day in and day out
Smack the butt, then apologize.
Rough doggystyle for the sole purpose of procreation.

Admit it...you liked it
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>pork in the shell
I swore to myself I will never fucking watch this travesty.
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