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Mei is my wife, say something nice about her
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Definitely the best haifuri, good taste anon!
She likes big, thick, torpedoes.
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Of course

Of course!

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Is there anyone who hasn't gotten sick of Gintama yet?
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You only.

No one even cares about Gintama anymore. You can't even praise or shitpost this anime since no one really give a fuck and it's all the same people everytime who praise or shit this show. Only MALfags who either bump this nonesense shit to 10 or MALfags who are salty about this anime on top 10 are just bothering this fujobait anime. Go bring this shit topic to tumblr to get a hot discussion
Gintama has only one arc left so even if you're sick of it, it will end soon
My favorite franchise ever.

Not changing soon.

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This is a japanese meat

Say something nice about her
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This is an AMERICAN meat.
too raw
over cooked
Try eating them together to balance it out

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>156506082
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I'm resubmitting my request for some propaganda for the anime war taking place in EVE: Online right now.

I've included some weeb art based on the game with some propaganda from a war that happened 2 years ago in the top right between pandemic legion and brave for reference.

Current belligerents are waffles vs CVA. Waffles are a recruitement alliance for Pandemic Legion.

CVA are an alliance which roleplay as an amarr empire protectorate.

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I guess I'll bump the thread with a few images that have been created from it so far.
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What did she mean by this?
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Please tell me this ain't real
I would not want to be a liar, /a/non.

Speedreader scum.

>This anime is shit
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Sounds like a reasonable response
I watched a movie where they completely changed the time, place, and method of a major character's death once.
And while it's true that the source is usually better, if you thought the adaption is shit you'll still probably won't like the source that much.

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Chaika on the front page!
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I wish Chaika never ended

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When was the last time you fell in love with an anime girl?
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A long time ago. It still hurts.

HOLY SHIT they finally killed ultranigger!
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>I swung a million times until I messed up a little without meaning to
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In memoriam
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img000019 (2).png
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Worst girl.
I want to live

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Rosa Ushiromiya.jpg
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Rosa is the woman that the saying "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" was invented for.
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If your daughter was retarded you'd act the same way
Oh I'd handle her alright
She's alright, but not Natsuhi-tier.

>Walking to dorm
>Suddenly blood and coffins everywhere
>Creepy ghost kid asks you to sign a contract
>Zero change in facial expression

Not even 10 minutes in and this is some heavy autism. Should I just play the games?
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He's genre savvy
>playing a Persona game
>expecting the MC not to be autistic
>le westerner cant grasp the silent MC archetype post

So sick of you retarded normalfags

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What would you have done in her situation?
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why this sucked, was it for thr NTR?
>interactions when you're a child have any meaning to your adult life
>all interactions with the opposite gender are strictly for romantic purposes

Maintain autism, /a/

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you will never be able to take Rika home

The otters are sleeping, don't wake them up.
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I love owls
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