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>writes incest romcom
>gets rich
>writes another incest romcom
>gets richer
Is that the secret?
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>you will never get rich by exploiting your country's birth crisis
What a repulsive human being. I legit feel bad for his sister.

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I owned Nerima Daikon Bros on DVD and its an underrated gem in the comedy genre. Maybe you shouldn't post anime that were licensed in a 'only you watched' thread.
Maybe not just me but i have yet to come accross anyone else who has seen Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu

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You DID stock up on emergency anime, right /a/?
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>only 2.5 Tb
You clearly didn't.
Why would I need to? I don't have any difficulty getting anime right now.

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So with Nyaa dead, do you have enough DVDs/BDs to get you through the end times? Let's see some physical collections.
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I like your collection anon.
How's Giant Gorg
>Brain powerd
No no no no that is absolute shit and I don't understand why you would keep that.

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This is literally tumblr:the manga.
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Real talk, is this good?
I like it. The manga's surreal visual metaphors are pretty to look at and it features characters and perspectives that I otherwise wouldn't encounter. I think this manga is most of all meant to educate a Japanese audience rather than a western one.
How did something like that got green lighted, though? I wonder how much it selling.

The author is a woman, but the first chapter felt definitely on point.

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Do you rate Shinka?
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what a weird name
I rate myself pretty highly, yeah
It means EVOLUTION. Shinka is the next step.

Is Eli Ayase a well-written character?
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OP we all know what your doing. The answer is obviously no. So take your lousy idol elsewhere
Nope, but I sure did make her a well laid one.
I think it would be better for this thread if we focus on someone else instead. Like Umi or Nozomi or something. This thread is going to be criticizing how bland and dull and bitchy Eli turned out and honestly we've done this hundreds of times already

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>they're all shit except for steins;gate
what went wrong?
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One of these things is not like the others.

>taking a title with a colon and adding it with titles that are clearly grouped with semicolons

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I thought this character was fanart of that character at first.
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Do you trust her /a/?
As much as I can close my fingers around those fat ears of hers.

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Eriri a shit. A SHIT.

Utaha a best. A BEST.
S2 is just getting the worst girl's arc out of the way first. It's saving better girls like Eriri and Megumi for later.
Megumi a best.
Eriri a cute.
Utaha a shit.

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Who GA here?

We've finished the translation of Geijutsuka's spin-off visual novel Slapstick Wonderland for the PSP. Some game-related extra stuff in the folder along with the game itself - e.g. its OST, drama CD and wallpapers.


If you find bugs, post in this thread or drop by #[email protected]

With that out of the way, please enjoy the yearly GA thread.
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I liked the series

I won't be playing the game tho

Good work tho
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I'll also note that there are a lot of things I would have loved to redo - you may find some quite obvious - but with this TL being in intermittent hiatus since its inception in November 2014 (holy crayons), this is a "now or never" release.

Sincerest thanks to everyone who was involved - all the translators, the editor - as cliche as it sounds, this would've been impossible without you guys. Special mention to #soranowoto and their own PSP VN translation project which was a big motivator and provided technical advice.

Also, Professor is best girl.
Perfectly understandable, the game, while quite entertaining - or we wouldn't have been translating it - is not penned by Satoko and is in a lot of ways a look back on the TV series.

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So, the spring season is halfway done.

How is it treating you, /a/?
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I don't know yet.
What are you watching/loving?
What have you dropped?
I'm still making up my mind. I started too late.

I want to make Kobayashi my wife.
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Name a cringier show.

Protip: You can't
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Never finished watching it, but I remember that the MC seemed like the biggest Mary Sue of all time.
Don't you dare insult Onii-sama
>>>/reddit/ Hell they are shit airing seasonally like this one.

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Did you like my show, /a/?
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No haha
>/a/ is a single person
No. Tsundereshit was cancer.
Yes. But Ryuuji is retarded and Minorin is best girl.

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