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Do you like girls with thick eyebrows?
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desu it was never a fetish I could get behind. They seem too masculine and out of place on an otherwise cute girl.
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thick eyebrows
I love girls with thick eyebrows.

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Why She leave LN ? Vote.

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>Her Parents is sick & she needed to lead Cavendish family
>Her Parents is sick
Can wr have a different op other than Diana for once? A new episode premiered amd we're barely even discussing it
Akko the retard broke Stanbot

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Don't post my seiyuufu do lightly anon. Although I'm happy she got a main role again. And it's funny as fuck.
>not for sale

What the fuck did I just watch? The Evangelion of harem anime?
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blue a shit
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And is she a female (male)? I saw no tits.
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Precure Thread
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How is Splashstar so good? It wasn't supposed to be like this. Everyone told me it was terrible.
I like the little community the characters live in.
I have a hard time pinpointing exactly what makes me like it so much.

Most of the things I like about it also apply to a bunch of other seasons (like a nice villain conversion arc, a very entertaining cast of villain generals, the overall very tranquil atmosphere and the strong presence of secondary characters), but there's something about the way SS combine all those elements that I just can't get enough of.

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Ch. 864 The Plan to Massacre the Whole Vinsmoke Family

Brook rips off his mask and shows his true identity, surprising Big Mom
Pudding faces Sanji and no matter how many times she attempts to shoot him, he dodges every single shot.

Pudding: "This is a big shock, isn't it!? Are you disappointed!? Rest easy, you are already a dead man! Just like the countless people I have deceived!"

Sanji: "Even me, Pudding-chan?"

Pudding begins to waver, but Daifuku arrives to assist her.

3rd son of the Charlotte Family (Minister of Beans)
Charlotte Daifuku (Hoya Hoya no Mi - Lamp Human)

When Daifuku rubs his own body, his belt buckle opens and a genie appears out of it.
Sanji confronts the genie.

Bege holds down Luffy.
Luffy struggles, but this is all part of the act. He whispers into Luffy's ear the current state of things.
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Pedro is currently facing off with Oven.

4th son of the Charlotte Family (Minister of Browned food)*
Charlotte Oven (Netsu Netsu no Mi - Intense Heat Human)

Pedro is in a hard fight with Oven releasing an intense heat from his body.

The Vinsmoke family have been completely restrained with candy and have guns aimed at them. Judge struggles and states that this was not what was promised.
At the same time, the children other than Reiju accept death while acting nonchalant.

Judge: "My whole life and all the things I have! They've all been to enact my revenge against the countries of the North Blue! I've devoted it all to restoring the Germa Empire, Big Mom! Say something, Big Mom!"

He attempts to get her attention while tears run down his face, but Big Mom has become caught up in another "accident" and has completely stiffened up.

Brook offers to show Big Mom the broken picture again.
Katakuri approaches him with a pale face.
Convinced that Katakuri has seen a future with a serious incident, Bege executes Brook's plan and begins the operation. He gives the order for all the alliance members to put in their earplugs.

Katakuri: "Bege! Kill Straw Hat at once!"
Bege: "I refuse. You can only see into the near future. Other than that, everyone has an equal privilege to change the future!"

chapter fucking when
>Sanji: "Even me, Pudding-chan?"
>Pudding begins to waver
SaPu canon soon.

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Thread for those who hate Lab Rats
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Endgame right here, brothers
>using younkoprod scans
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Gotta to Git Gud.png
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Will Zeke fight the manlet again? He has to.

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The warriors are the best characters.
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Galliard did literally nothing wrong.
I want the biggest asspull ever to revive Ymir.
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Endgame right here, brothers.

Nyaa is following bakabt footsteps, I see.
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shit where do i download subtitles for my anime now
I blame Daiz

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Hello /a/, it's been a while. Dumping Nagai Michi for this anon >>156611698
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Since it's 200 pages long, I'll only dump the first 50 pages.
You can download the full manga here:
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Megumin is for carrying!
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I want to carry her on a cold day and feel her stiff nipples against my back!
I want to make Megumin Pregumin.
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What did she mean by this.

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Made total asses of ourself and the site?

Yeah, I'd say we did it alright.
can anyone tell me how I can watch HQ raws and add subsplease I'm new to this and tired of streaming from sites
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>tfw AB gone to the shitter
Is there no safe space left? I used to make fun of Nyaa but ever since it's gone all those damn refugees entered AB.

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Here's some catch up WSJ chapters from viz.

We Never Learn, Robot x Lazerbeam, Dr Stone
full zip - http://www88.zippyshare.com/v/d6ovhDp1/file.html

Man, when's World Trigger gonna come back?
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We Never Learn
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>owner is transferring site to someone more OPSEC
>mod tools and uploads coming within 1-2 days
>when site is transferred, should be more reliable
>looking for a full public-ready release by the end of the week

>pantsudev will only do dev, community, and mod team selection i think. the new dude will handle hosting and legal (by legal i mean sending funny replies to DMCA's)
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In what country are they planning to host it?
god bless ren-chon

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Praise Birb
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I hate Golden Week.

Tokoyami wants to be hardcore, but his classmates won't let him

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