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Reiner and Ymir are lovers. Remember this.
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Armin and Historia very cute
I hope this is the endgame, brothers

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Precure Thread
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Cutest couple.
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The Phone Call that saved Anime.
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Moshi Moshi?

Jesus desu?
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The thighs that saved my dick
The body that abducted my sperm.

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>you will never be teased by a cute childhood friend and marry her afterwards
Also, new chapter when
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Does nobody read this?
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It's a cute manga, you should read it.
What's this?

Why is torrenting anime better than streaming it? i know that it looks better but is there any other reason?
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You aren't giving some third party jew your clicks
You aren't letting others profit over your viewership. Distribution is decentralised so you do not rely on a single server provider to keep distributing the media. You can archive anything you'd like. You can redistribute anything without involvement from any third parties. There are fewer security risks as you're not relying on a third party to have built a secure and trustworthy website (neither intentionally malicious nor compromised). As it's local playback is independent of your location/connection once downloaded.

All that said XDCC is still the best way to go.

Then, of course, you have the vastly better quality and sound.
>i know that it looks better but is there any other reason?
Making visual media look better isn't enough of a reason?

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Post a weapon from an anime and other anon guess the anime name.

Let's go.
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Mine's probably easy.
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My turn next
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Mecha pink Aoi is so cool
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Is the new episode airing today? I keep forgetting things after Nyaa went down.
HS site is still up you know
Yeah, I gotta figure out their RSS feed.

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Which part has the best storytelling?
Which part has the worst?
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Part 8 so far has the best storytelling by far. Part 2 had the worst storytelling since it took a backseat for Joseph's ruse cruises.
Watching the anime right now and loving the part 4, too bad I can't buy translated part 5 manga to support cuz there is none
7 or 8 for the best.

5 had the worst.

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Episode 5 is out
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Someone mentioned a few threads ago that the kids would be grossed out at Shino's powers and they were right.

This entire episode made me feel bad for him. It's like watching a ninja version of Watamote.
Boruto is legit one of the worst shows I've ever watched, the writing and acting are both so garbage, flat and predictable I wanted to throw up
not even twin star exorcists had me this disgusted this fast

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Why have you not ordered your pet slug yet?
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>having money
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Oh wow.
I thought Jaguar was using a computer.

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loli liek hero
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>You will never bring Eri to the side of the League of Villains
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Keep posting it till the end of the series.

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Nyaa is ______
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up again in a couple days
The Japanese onomatopoeia for meow.
not necessary if you have a BT account and want to watch old shit in bad quality.

I'm a simple man. I have simple tastes.

Why did she have to go back into the eye, /a/non? I just wanted her to not go back into the eye
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Life isn't fair, anon.
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He didn't even try to hold on to her
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Friendly reminder that Jeanne probably already had Mugaro when she started flirting with Kaisar.

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Year of Sanji getting sent flying.
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I'm finally up to date with all of the OP manga.

Should i just kill myself now? It's dawned on me that this shit will be an outrageous slog weekly. Fucking 25 weeks or so on Zou was bullshit.

How do you autists do it
>Sanji tries to fight *The Hack
you can't win boi
Who are those characters beside Luffy and Nami?

How can Lumia (female) even compete?
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>Psst. Lumia is cursed with aids. Stay away from her.
Lumia a shit. Post more Sisti.
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Celica > Lumia > /jp/ > Riel > Sisti

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