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u gonna get lewded.jpg
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NTR is now CANON! How will Diana ever recover?
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Amanda and Louis is going to get married now?
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Guys, I think Croix is the antagonist
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Can't for the life of me figure out what the endgame here is. What is Croix doing with emotions, what does it have to do with living armor, and why would it make Chariot butthurt, and how is it connected to iPads?
Made me like Andrew even less. I had to watch his parts in 5x speed to get through them.
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>No Diana
>No Lotte
>No Sucy
>No Hannah
>No Barbara

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Read the guide

Old thread: >>156537910
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Did you have a good Easter?
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Aria v11 c54 - 117.jpg
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Why are delinquent girls (and generally tough girls) so great?
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Because the tougher they are, the greater it is to break them
Because they're cute as fuck when they show their feminine side just for you, similar to tomboys.
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70's Sukeban culture was pretty rad

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Megumin is Cute! CUTE!!!
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Megumin is a cock-thirsty sex kitten
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Is it Monday yet? I missed you guys. The threads were really rude and not nice this week.

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ITT: Best girls from their respective series which all of /a/ can agree on.
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eating some yogurt.png
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Which are better, JS lolis or JC lolis?
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Both are part of my preferred age-range, but JS wins because randoseru is pretty fucking cute.
What is JS and JC?

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She's going to be the original user of All for One who had her memories of her original quirk erased by the current AfO after she copied her quirk to give it to him.
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Except not because her Quirk is low grade telekenesis, as demonstrated in the opening chapters/ first episode.
>impling that AfO just didn't give her a shit quirk after mindwiping her
What if thats not her using telekenesis
But using so much force she can pull objects closer to her with strength

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muh penguin waifu.png
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This penguin lost his waifu , say nice things to him
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Did they remove her or something?
That's fucking sad
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my love come back.png
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He wasn't eating because he kept giving his food to his waifu

ITT: Characters whose names are fun to say
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Shikizaki Kiki
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Subs coming soon. Only TLC and QC left.

This episode ousted the shoehornfag so it's already at least an 8/10 to me.
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Hey guys, check out this ultra rare card I pulled!
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Why is Reiner the best character?
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Pieck a best.
Ymir deserved love and life.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I love Annie from the bottom of my heart and the core of my soul
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

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Does nearly every CG fan like Kaede? More so than Uzuki?
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Yes. I love Kaede.

>tfw she's finally winning the Cinderella Girl election after all these years
Feels good to be a Kaedefag.
It isn't hard to like perfection.
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Her design is eye-deal, truly.

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Bear Friends.jpg
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Who is your favourite bear friends and which bear friends would you like to see in S2?
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They're all so cute, I don't think I'd be able to bear not seeing all of them.
I can't believe you faggots are still talking about this 10/10 masterpiece
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