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Gonna dump a translation of chapters 0 and 1 of the new Brave Witches prequel manga.
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The Empire of Orussia.
Once, a country on the brink of being overrun by the mysterious Neuroi.

But their advance has been stopped thanks to the efforts of the Witches,
Girls who fly through the skies armed to the teeth.
Even with half of their land lost to them, humanity holds its ground.

4 years prior.
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What's going on!?
I hear some soldiers got into a fight.
Looks like one's from Fuso.
Has anyone called the military police!?

Now get lost!
Before I break your fighting spirit too!

[white text above Kanno] "Destroyer" Kanno Naoe sets foot on the snowy land...!

Fuso Imperial Navy, 343rd Flying Corps
Ensign Kanno Naoe
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Um... Excuse me...

[to the right of Nipa] What a huge crowd...
Sorry... Could I get through?
Uwa... This isn't good... What should I do?

Suomus Air Force
24th Aerial Squadron, 3rd Company
Flight Sergeant Nikka Edvardine Katajainen

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>Queen of Enko five years in a row

How do we stop her?
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I haven't watched the show, what makes her so notable?
Her VA and a drastic style change from childhood to adolescence.
She focuses on cheap hands to maintain control, especially when it's her turn as dealer. She goes for the easiest path, which in real life for a cute JK would be enjou kosai.

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Love isn't fucking real...
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No, but girls can certainly love girls instead.
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>t. pic related

Why do people say LoGH treats war like nobody is the bad guy when Yang was clearly wrong and evil?
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Yeah, that's why his name is Yang.
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Yang > Reinhard

Come at me
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I won't fight with a disgusting plebeian, sorry

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Which ripe, succulent fruit would you imbibe, /a/?
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The lover of rubber
which girl has the tightest pussy

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Souma beat at least 3 elite 10 members, earned the favor of Shinomiya the famous alumni, and is the son of Jouichiro, another famous alumni. How do they still manage to underestimate him? Like even if they didn't like him, you can't expect his dishes to be bland. At worst its mid-quality diner food.
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Because muh underdog.
He didn't exactly beat Kuga, and people don't know about the rest.
Dunno why people ignore his win against Eizan though. At time, he saved the whole school, so at least the students should've known better.
Urara is explicitly trolling.

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With the second OVA coming later this month I figured a thread would be OK.

The last OVA ended in cliffhanger, something I haven't seen in years, any thoughts on OVA 2 or delusions on S2?
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Pick one.
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Well, IMS have to be working on something other than the ovas since they have nothing else lined up this year.
Left, she made me buy a shark plushie afterall.

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As promised, vol1 of [Tales of Berseria] manga scans.

I'll dump first chapter. [1/6]

>Will there be translation?

-Yes, me and friend are cleaning all pages and working on English translation.
I can't give exact day when we'll be done with it.
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Page (1).jpg
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.pdf's of rough scans of all 6 chapters:





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Page (2).jpg
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Page (3).jpg
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anon delivers.jpg
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https://nyaa.pantsu.cat and https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/ should both work.


Join >>>/g/60180332 or #nyaapantsu if you want to help.
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#nyaapantsu at Rizon*
It's gonna be gone in a week once the EU thugs spot it.

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What is the best woodblock print? I rather enjoy image related, though it is rather cliched.
>inb4 great wave
Only the filthy proletariat enjoys that rubbish
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>faggot thinks geisha is a woman
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12th century.gif
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>18th century

You are the proletariat, best time period coming through.
Guys have you seen that one with the fisherman's wife? If you've seen it, you'll know which I mean.

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Do you have the courage to tell a lie?
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I have the courage to molest a ghost.
I have the courage to say no.
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I have courage to cum in snail

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ITT: animes only teenagers can enjoy.

I liked Hellsing back in the day, but it looks so fucking juvenile now.
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Anything with action/adventure
Might as well chop off your dicks now and be done with it.

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Hard Mode:
>no harems
>no high schools
>characters instead of stock archetypes
>themes beyond true love, the strength of friendship, and hard work
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The main cast is a bunch of little kids at an orphanage during a war. Their town is overrun by the enemy army and the adults are all raped or killed. Most of the kids escape into the forest. They struggle to survive, and although they manage for a while, things get a lot tougher once winter rolls around and they all begin to starve. The last surviving kids find their way back to civilization, but the war is still going on and their country is occupied. They continue to have nightmares about their experiences for the rest of their lives.
This sounds like suffering for the sake of suffering, without much meaning beyond misery porn.
>tfw wrote a novel
>tfw realized it was isekai
>tfw it would be considered 'suffering wank' isekai

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I like it.
inb4 the same stale ass meme responses as every other fish thread

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What is Eren's endgame? Why is he alone in Marley?
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BRA best shingekis.
Armin will pull a Griffith soon.
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To murder Reiner's loved ones right before his eyes.

Sweet revenge.

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