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That's a grumpy nug.
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spotted the falseflagger.

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Now you autists can stop sperging about this subject.
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Fuck Gohan
Fuck Gohanfags

All hail Black
Threadly reminder that anyone who thinks their headcanon of Goku having a new form is confirmed based on a 2 second shot of him with a Kaioken aura in the OP is a fucking retard and deserves to be ridiculed.
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Delete this.webm
2MB, 960x540px

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Have you ever looked at a fish statue and think "damn what a sexy fish statue?" Then you have thoughts about marrying the fish statue and having fish statue babies?
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Once when I was drunk
Go back to Vitya, Piggy
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Dude wut?

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veterans ova when?
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BRAMG a best.
endgame right here, brothers.
I miss Erwin and Ymir.

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Ch. 864 The Plan to Massacre the Whole Vinsmoke Family

Brook rips off his mask and shows his true identity, surprising Big Mom
Pudding faces Sanji and no matter how many times she attempts to shoot him, he dodges every single shot.

Pudding: "This is a big shock, isn't it!? Are you disappointed!? Rest easy, you are already a dead man! Just like the countless people I have deceived!"

Sanji: "Even me, Pudding-chan?"

Pudding begins to waver, but Daifuku arrives to assist her.

3rd son of the Charlotte Family (Minister of Beans)
Charlotte Daifuku (Hoya Hoya no Mi - Lamp Human)

When Daifuku rubs his own body, his belt buckle opens and a genie appears out of it.
Sanji confronts the genie.

Bege holds down Luffy.
Luffy struggles, but this is all part of the act. He whispers into Luffy's ear the current state of things.
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Pedro is currently facing off with Oven.

4th son of the Charlotte Family (Minister of Browned food)*
Charlotte Oven (Netsu Netsu no Mi - Intense Heat Human)

Pedro is in a hard fight with Oven releasing an intense heat from his body.

The Vinsmoke family have been completely restrained with candy and have guns aimed at them. Judge struggles and states that this was not what was promised.
At the same time, the children other than Reiju accept death while acting nonchalant.

Judge: "My whole life and all the things I have! They've all been to enact my revenge against the countries of the North Blue! I've devoted it all to restoring the Germa Empire, Big Mom! Say something, Big Mom!"

He attempts to get her attention while tears run down his face, but Big Mom has become caught up in another "accident" and has completely stiffened up.

Brook offers to show Big Mom the broken picture again.
Katakuri approaches him with a pale face.
Convinced that Katakuri has seen a future with a serious incident, Bege executes Brook's plan and begins the operation. He gives the order for all the alliance members to put in their earplugs.

Katakuri: "Bege! Kill Straw Hat at once!"
Bege: "I refuse. You can only see into the near future. Other than that, everyone has an equal privilege to change the future!"

Pudding redemption confirmed
Judge BTFO

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so, why does everyone hate GX anyway?

It had better character development than any other arc, by far.

It didn't jump the shark like card games on motorcycles.

Alexis is best girl too, big boobs and fit body.
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Personally I just fucking hate every character design that isn't Asuka. The actually writing and story was pretty good.
>It had better character development than any other arc, by far.
>Kill off all your main cast for a season after replacing them with new characters
>Good character develoment

>It didn't jump the shark like card games on motorcycles.
>GX didn't jump the shark
Okay, now I know you're just shitposting
The story was dumb and made no sense half the time. It was like the writers threw darts at the wall.

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Deku was such a loser that he made his mom fat.
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uraraka whore.png
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Post Mandalay and Eraser

Is Amazon a threat to Crunchyroll?

Anime Strike stole a couple good shows this season, and some didn't get licensed at all. If this keeps up for the next few seasons, could Amazon really pose as a competitor to Crunchy in the wake of Funimation?
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99% of people will still pirate their anime anyways. The Crunchyroll/Funimation subs will still pirate some anime on the side. Nothing changes.
Do people realize that there is something called google right?
Here come the normalfags shill.

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that looks gay
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Who is your favourite Tapir friends (currently there are only two Tapir friends in game).
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Malaysian Tapir got the cutest ears to nibble.
This thread got first response and has best op, staying here.

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Arai-sans, you did it again.
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Arai-san is perfect and not stupid
>Come to a little pond
>This starts crawling out
Am I fucked?

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Who is best girl?
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dreidel dreidel dreidel i made you out of clay
Roshi is best girl.

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Is this picture accurate you guys?
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Should've just made one category and named it "shit"
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Wow, we've never had this thread before!
>not having cahracter development
I shouldn't respond to bait, but at least try.

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(Say) Bon Voyage! As the sky and the sea overlaps (Line) the wind that opens up the blue cuts through
(Now) What is new in the world that's idle no matter what Bon Voyage!

During the journey heading towards the future
To the future, Bon Voyage!
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I want to fuck Lala.
My wife

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Ren has annexed your lap. It's your move.
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Annex her mouth with my 12 dick units.
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Ren predicts your move and maintains her position.
> mfw vol. 4
My body was not ready for all this events in last chapter.

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