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Dumping. Chapter is gold.
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Senpai works hard
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Man, is that 2nd year?
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Uh oh, wolf boy to the first string.

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Kyoto Animation studio finally went bankrupt. After Maid Dragon finished airing, the studio silently went under.

They dont have any confirmed anime in work announced. The last news on their website is more than month ago, youtube channel even more so.

Violent Evergarden is not confirmed to actually be made into anime officially, and there is zero other announcemenet of anime in the works. The new released novels are all flops. Like Gonzo and Gainax at worst time, by trying to capitalize their past products to sell merchandize - Free and Hibike CDs. KyoAni shop is cleaning out its stock completely during Golden Week.

Its been nice decade of KyoAni rulling the anime. Now its over. Was nice knowing them.
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Nice assumptions, bro.
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What does /a/ think about unvirgin girls in anime/manga?
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There are no unvirgin girls in anime/manga unless it's hentai.

You might want to check your sources.
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Are you sure?

Why doesn't anime ever actually mention autism?
Pic related was obviously autistic.
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Because in Japan almost everyone is autistic
because you didn't read the manga?

she's clearly diagnosed with personality disorders, haven't watched the anime
Watch more anime.

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Heaven's Feel's PV should be uploaded in more or less 4 hours.
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How do you know it's being uploaded today?
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Wonderful news.
The movie is a long way off so don't expect substantial new footage. The Prisma Illya movie trailer didn't show much either and the release date is sooner.

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And then, he died.
But every-fucking-body AND ther moms thought it was fine, because they're japanese.
And each and every true japanese man is supposed to work himself to death.
All hail Japan.
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It's no different than the rest of the world. Since we don't have an inherent value men are always expected to die for others, preferably women and children. Are you just now coming to terms with that simple fact?
It's her dead husband. She's a widow, remember.
no he just fell asleep
>Work yourself to death
>Its not even efficient or helps the company in anyway.
Japanese business culture triggers the fuck out of me.

If you're not doing actual fucking work take your ass home, stop holding meetings over the littlest shit, fucking OT for these dumb ass work hours.

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It literally can't get any comfier than this. Prove me wrong.
Protip: You can't.
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k-on out, aria in
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>no Aria
You've already lost
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Are oppai lolis the best?
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That doesn't look like a loli to me.
That's just your opinion
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Why is Japan so scared of making GAR? Does moe sell that much more than badass testosterone? Are people not more ashamed to have little girl figures in their room rather than badass buff guys to strive to be?
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because GAR is pretty hard to do if you want it to be actually good instead of something people watch ironically
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> Are people not more ashamed to have little girl figures in their room rather than badass buff guys to strive to be?
What? Do you go "Wow, what a sissy, you have pinups of supermodel women instead of hot guys, you should be ashamed?" I mean, it's not a coincidence that GAR came from GAY, anon.

I'm still not fucking over it.
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>people continued reading Bleach after Aizen was defeated
>Expecting a satisfying romantic ending to a Shonen.
I just wanted to see the end.

I didn't think he'd pull a Naruto/Hinata, but by god he did. What the fuck is wrong with shonen?

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>completely stole the show for mainstream anime watchers when it showed up
>like 6 people still care about it in total
What went wrong? Or more correctly, was there ever even anything that went right?
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The movie did quite well
The movie
The only thing that went right with Sword Art Online is that I want to violently sodomize and dismember the author.

That and I want to murder all the remaining fans and the families, because anything that likes SAO deserves to be killed. Murder is justice when it involves the lives of evil and sinful shitty Light Novel writers

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Is One Piece's fruits the dumbest power system in shounen?
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anything with chi

anything with friendship power

Stands are.
Is there a semen logia?

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>automatically best girl
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Fang or no fang?
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Can we have a wholesome Yuru Yuri thread?
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Wrong image?

Doesn't matter, anime sunglasses thread!
post you faggots

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Series you want to livewatch with /a/ again
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her outfit in the first episode was so cool. it's a shame she didn't wear it more
Medaka Box

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