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Will nyaa die without a replacement like Megaupload, Kickasstorrents, Mangatraders and Lolipower did?
The future looks bleak.
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I have a hard time believing anyone familiar with lolipower would be dependent on nyaa.

It still hurts. The only thing is, almost nobody was using it in the end.
Not enough.

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Ugo's actually back, the absolute madman!
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Now that nyaa is DEAD FOREVER we can usher in a golden age of anime by using GNUnet.

>What is GNUnet?

Basically open source perfect dark. ->> IT CAN'T BE TAKEN DOWN. <<-

(perfect dark is a dedicated fully decentralized anonymous p2p program used in japan (like limewire/frostwire but less awful))

>What does that mean?

Everything is done in the program itself with no need for trackers or search sites, and unlike DHT search engines, it's completely anonymous. Files are stored in a distributed cache and can't be taken down or modified, just like bittorrent.

>Who develops GNUnet?


>How do I use GNUnet?

Compile it: https://gnunet.org/downloads

Or set up an archlinux VM and install it from the AUR.

If anyone uploads a compiled windows version that would be great.

>Has anyone ever pirated anything with GNUnet?

As we speak.

>What the fuck is that UI?

GNUnet is developed by trolls. The joke is that it actually works though.
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Seems pretty cool.
If these are the lengths I'll have to go to to get my chinese cartoons, then damn it all, I'll do it.
you should have used a better OP image than my bullshit.
>Or set up an archlinux VM and install it from the AUR.
It's only in the repos, actually.
>As we speak.
As fucking if. The search function apparently needs an exact string match.
on one hand the
threads would actually have purpose, but my honneamise brrip isn't coming until anon posts the actual name, I ain't typing that shit out.

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>nyaa is dead
>BakaBT is dead
>Narutards are still alive thanks to Boruto
>still no Despera anime
What a shit year 2017 is.
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BakaBT is private
>tfw my bakabt account didn't get deleted just because I logged in periodically
Fuck off. You can still download torrents directly from the release groups.

How mad is this man
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Very mad
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quite mad
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tfw you'll never have a toga in your life

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Bringing you manga translations.
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The first day of the month is a cyclops/monoeye day!

Going to be storytiming some Hitomi, as well as Mako-chan.
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This month, I'll cover Tatara-sensei
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Is 2017 the year of the gyaru?
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Dunno, but that gyaru is the source of my boner.
sure why not
No, its just era of AIKA and it`ll last until she makes enougth money making 3 porn movies a day to retire. She is using momentum where she looks hot and is popular "milking" AV industry dry so that she has money before she turns too old to suc dicks.

And because of continous onslaugth of her video releases, nerd manga authors that fap to it get influenced it

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Eren and Reiner confrontation next chapter.
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RE is endgame.
this manga fucking sucks
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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Why haven't you learned to draw your own waifu yet anons?
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Thanks, I was looking for this, got anymore?
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Here, I have the professional guide for you.
too much work

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Please read the guide before asking questions!
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Ill take this one
fucking nyaa
There are 3 buyfag threads and one bootleg buyfaggot thread o.o

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Boris is probably pure enough to let Diana stay with her after her family goes bankrupt.
She would probably teach her how to do normal people things and help her find jobs when she's older. She would treat her like a sister.

Boris is the girl we all wish we could be.
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>ywn bully Diana for being dirt poor
I just fapped to a mouse.
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Episode 18 storyboard: Shinji Higuchi

>Episode 18 summary: The Wild Hunt is a yearly event that involves capturing all the wandering ghosts in 12 days. The one known as the Wild Hunter also comes to Brightonbery. Both teachers and students have been waiting for this event and Constanze has decided to participate this year. Constanze created an special mecha to participate this year but Akko accidentally breaks her partner, Stanbot. Without time to fix it, can Constanza and Akko do something?!

Episode 19 storyboard: Kazuya Tsurumaki

>Episode 19 summary: Still unknown, but its about Diana losing her yay even more & leaves Luna Nova

Also who is the woman in the coin ?
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>Also who is the woman in the coin ?
Looks like Diana's ancestors.
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>Wild Hunt

For the elf spy, right?
I want to be part of Akko's harem!

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and we are only 4 episodes in
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Needs more Gunpuku no Himegimi.
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Mamika is too good.
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Aren't those gloves heavy?

Sailor Fuku to Juusensha + Anything /ak/
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Upotte#79 Raws
Raburabu #50 Raws

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